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Godzilla Singular Point
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Japanese Godzilla Singular Point key art
Air date March 25-June 17, 2021 (Netflix)JP,[1]
April 1-June 24, 2021 (television),[1]
June 24, 2021 (Netflix)int'l[2]
Directed by Atsushi Takahashi
Producer(s) Keiji Ota (executive);
Takayuki Oshima, Masahiko Minami,
Eiji Inomoto (co-executives); et al.
Written by Toh EnJoe; Keigo Koyanagi (associate)
Music by Kan Sawada (composer);
BiSH, Polkadot Stingray (songs)
Channel(s) Tokyo MXTYO, KBSKYO,
Sun TVHYO, BS11JP,[1] Netflixint'l[3]
Rating TV-14[4]
Genre(s) Anime, sci-fi, action, mecha[4]
Episodes 13
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Face down a hopeless future (Godzilla). (抗えない未来 (ゴジラ)を、覆せ。)

— Tagline

Godzilla Singular Point (ゴジラS.P (シンギュラポイント),   Gojira Shingyura Pointo, lit. Godzilla S.P)[a] is an ongoing animated Godzilla television series produced by Toho which debuted on Netflix in Japan on March 25, 2021 and began airing on television on April 1.[1] Netflix made it available internationally on June 24.[2] A collaboration between studios Bones and Orange, it employs a blend of 2D and 3D animation.[5]


In the year 2030, Nigashio City, Chiba Prefecture.
Yun Arikawa of the local "multipurpose" Otaki Factory investigates clues in a European-style house, long thought abandoned.
Mei Kamino, a graduate student studying fantasy creatures, investigates mysterious signals received from the Old Tsuguno District administration bureau "Misakioku."
Two strangers, visiting completely different places as part of completely different investigations, both hear the same song.
This song brings the two together, and leads them into a battle beyond imagination which grips the whole world.
A mystery left behind by a lone researcher, monsters appearing across the globe, and a world dyed red.
Can these two face down the hopeless future (Godzilla) that threatens mankind...?[6]

Brought together by a mysterious song, a grad student and an engineer lead the fight against an unimaginable force that may spell doom for the world.[7]


No. Title Directed by Animation directors Story artist(s) Air date
Netflix Television
1 "Terzetto" Noriyuki Nomata,
Takuma Suzuki
Koichi Horikawa,
Chiyo Nakayama
Atsushi Takahashi 2021/03/25[b] 2021/04/01
Jacks-of-all-trades Yun and Haberu investigate sounds emanating from an empty mansion. They locate the source nearby, while Mei hears the same tune.
2 "Gamesome" Daisuke Tsukushi,
Takuma Suzuki
Shinya Yamada,
Chiyo Nakayama
Atsushi Takahashi 2021/04/01[b] 2021/04/08
Yun, Goro and their robot Jet Jaguar clash with a hostile pterosaur-like kaiju, Rodan. Mei travels to Tokyo to meet with a world-renowned researcher.
3 "Tigerish" Noriyuki Nomata,
Takuma Suzuki
Naoyuki Konno,
Ikko Inaguma,
Satoshi Ishino
Atsushi Takahashi,
Yasushi Muraki
2021/04/08 2021/04/15
A legion of Rodan swarm towards Nigashio. The Otaki Factory crew scramble to lure them away from the city, but soon find themselves surrounded.
4 "Gadabout" Tsuyoshi Tobita,
Takuma Suzuki
Satomi Kani,
Eiko Saito,
Ikko Inaguma
Tomoyuki Itamura,
Yasushi Muraki
2021/04/15 2021/04/22
Yun and Haberu deduce that Misakioku may be linked to the Rodan incursion. Mei attends Li's lecture in Dubai, where the professor reveals new material.
5 "Theorist" Satoshi Nakagawa,
Takuma Suzuki
Koichi Horikawa,
Kenta Katade,
Chiyo Nakayama,
Shinya Yamada
Tomoyuki Itamura,
Yasushi Muraki,
Katsuyuki Kodera
2021/04/22 2021/04/29
Salunga emerges from the depths of the Upala research station shrouded in red dust. Meanwhile, Yun observes Anguirus exhibiting an uncanny ability.
6 "Enfatico" Daisuke Tsukushi,
Takuma Suzuki,
Shuji Miyahara
Shinya Yamada,
Keiichiro Honjo,
Ikko Inaguma,
Eri Kojima
Yasushi Muraki,
Katsuyuki Kodera
2021/04/29 2021/05/06
Mei discovers a mysterious code in Professor Ashihara's research. The Otaki crew confront Anguirus as part of the city's extermination efforts.
7 "Omniarch" Daisuke Tsukushi,
Takuma Suzuki,
Shuji Miyahara
Naoyuki Konno,
Chiyo Nakayama,
Kenta Katade
Atsushi Takahashi,
Yasushi Muraki
2021/05/06 2021/05/13
Following a group of Manda, a giant kaiju makes landfall in Tokyo. Red dust forces Mei and Professor Li's flight to London to divert to Milan.
8 "Graftage" Noriyuki Nomata,
Takuma Suzuki,
Shuji Miyahara
Satomi Kani,
Satoshi Ishino,
Eri Kojima,
Ikko Inaguma
Yoshiyuki Kaneko,
Yasushi Muraki,
Atsushi Takahashi
2021/05/13 2021/05/20
Ground forces under the command of Matsubara respond to Godzilla's attack on Tokyo. Now in London, Mei attempts to decipher Ashihara's research.
9 "Erumpent" Daisuke Chiba,
Takuma Suzuki,
Atsushi Takahashi
Eiko Saito,
Ikko Inaguma,
Satoshi Ishino,
Koichi Horikawa,
Chiyo Nakayama,
Keiichiro Honjo
Motonobu Hori,
Yasushi Muraki,
Atsushi Takahashi
2021/05/20 2021/05/27
Godzilla continues to advance on Tokyo, covering the city in red dust. The Otaki crew rushes to rescue a person ensnared by spider-like kaiju.
10 "Encipher" Geisei Morita,
Takuma Suzuki,
Atsushi Takahashi
Koichi Horikawa,
Chiyo Nakayama,
Eri Kojima
Motonobu Hori,
Atsushi Takahashi
2021/05/27 2021/06/03
Back at Ashihara's mansion, Yun and Haberu attempt to decipher the professor's research using Jet Jaguar. In India, Lina takes Mei to meet with BB.
11 "Relaunch" Seung-hui Son,
Takuma Suzuki
Naoyuki Konno,
Shinya Yamada,
Koichi Horikawa,
Kenji Mizuhata,
Ikko Inaguma
Masayuki Sakoi,
Atsushi Takahashi
2021/06/03 2021/06/10
Before heading to the Super Dimension Calculator, BB offers Mei a view of the Singular Point. The Otaki crew leave for Tokyo to destroy Godzilla.
12 "Explorer" Noriyuki Nomata,
Nao Miyoshi,
Takuma Suzuki
Satoshi Ishino,
Chiyo Nakayama,
Satomi Kani,
Ikko Inaguma,
Eiichi Akiyama,
Shinya Yamada,
Eri Kojima
Masahiro Ando,
Atsushi Takahashi
2021/06/10 2021/06/17
Mei learns of a large explosion triggered by Ashihara's calculator long ago. Kanoko gives Matsubara the Orthogonal Diagonalizer to use against Godzilla.
13 "Together" Atsushi Takahashi Satoshi Ishino,
Eri Kojima,
Ikko Inaguma
Masahiro Ando,
Atsushi Takahashi
2021/06/17 2021/06/24
Mei, BB and Pelops II attempt to prevent the Catastrophe, but Salunga ambushes them. Meanwhile, the Otaki crew make their final push toward Godzilla.


The titles of each episode are exactly eight characters long, in both English and Japanese. The titles of the first twelve episodes can be arranged along the edges of a 3D cube (as seen below), such that the letters at each vertex spell out the thirteenth.

The title of the finale, "Together" in English or "はじまりのふたり" in Japanese, is formed by the first and last letters of the titles for episodes 1, 2, 3 and 12. This is indicated by the letters in bold.

English titles
Japanese titles


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Atsushi Takahashi
  • Episode directors   Noriyuki Nomata, Takuma Suzuki, Daisuke Tsukushi, Tsuyoshi Tobita, Shuji Miyahara, Daisuke Chiba, Atsushi Takahashi, Geisei Morita, Seung-hui Son, Nao Miyoshi
  • Chief animation director and character designer   Satoshi Ishino
  • Animation directors   Koichi Horikawa, Chiyo Nakayama, Shinya Yamada, Naoyuki Konno, Ikko Inaguma, Satoshi Ishino, Satomi Kani, Eiko Saito, Kenta Katade, Keiichiro Honjo, Eri Kojima, Kenji Mizuhata, Eiichi Akiyama
  • Written and organized by   Toh EnJoe
  • Associate writer   Keigo Koyanagi
  • Executive producer   Keiji Ota
  • Co-executive producers   Takayuki Oshima, Masahiko Minami, Eiji Inomoto
  • Produced by   Takashi Yoshizawa, Naoki Amano, Kiyotaka Waki
  • Associate producers   Akito Takahashi, Yoshihiro Furusawa
  • Music by   Kan Sawada
  • Opening theme "in case..."
    • Performed by   BiSH
    • Lyrics by   JxSxK
    • Composed by   Kenta Matsukuma
    • Arranged by   SCRAMBLES
  • Ending theme "Aoi"
    • Performed by   Polkadot Stingray
    • Written and composed by   Shizuku
    • Arranged by   Polkadot Stingray
  • Insert song "ALAPU UPALA"
    • Performed by   Annette Philip
    • Lyrics by   Goro Matsui
    • Composed and arranged by   Kan Sawada
  • "Godzilla's Theme" by Akira Ifukube
  • Cinematography by   Yu Wakabayashi
  • Edited by   Rie Matsubara
  • Production design by   Norihiko Yokomatsu
  • Storyboards by   Atsushi Takahashi, Yasushi Muraki, Tomoyuki Itamura, Katsuyuki Kodera, Yoshiyuki Kaneko, Motonobu Hori, Masayuki Sakoi, Masahiro Ando
  • CG directors   Ryuichi Ikeuchi, Yuji Koshida, Seishi Suzuki
  • VFX director   Kensuke Yamamoto
  • Character concept designer   Kazue Kato
  • Monster designer   Eiji Yamamori
  • Concept artist   Yuji Kaneko

English dub

  • Dubbing studio   SDI Media
  • Adapted by   Bob Buchholz
  • Dubbing director   Megan Buchholz
  • Production supervisor   Audre Pile
  • Recordists   Indu Vasudev, Jack Aurora
  • Editors   Hannah Pfeiffer, Wyatt Beaudry
  • Mixer   Jun Li
  • Project manager   Marion Arrou-Vignod

German dub

  • Dubbing studio   SDI Media Germany
  • Dubbing director   Michael Egeler
  • Dialogue writers   Cindy Kepke, Katharina von Daake
  • Mixer   Jun Li
  • Project manager   Anja Beetz

Mexican Spanish dub

  • Dubbing studio   SDI Media de México
  • Translator   Fernando Cantú
  • Dubbing director   Fernando Cantú
  • Adapted by   Raúl Gerardo Estrada Guerra
  • Mixer   Jun Li
  • Project manager   Mónica Pérez

Castilian Spanish dub

  • Dubbing studio   SDI Media Spain
  • Translator   Jordi Navarro
  • Dubbing director   Angel del Rio
  • Mixer   Jun Li

French dub

  • Dubbing studio   Iyuno Media Group
  • Adapted by   Raphaelle Bourée Massé
  • Dubbing director   Annabelle Roux
  • Mixer   Jun Li

Italian dub

  • Dubbing studio   Iyuno SDI Group
  • Translator   Marco Liguori
  • Dubbing director   Bruna Tomaselli
  • Dialogue writer   Marco Liguori
  • Mixer   Jun Li
  • Project manager   Alessandra D'Adamo

Brazilian Portugeuse dub

  • Dubbing studio   Unidub
  • Translator   Camila Pereira
  • Dubbing director   Wellington Lima
  • Mixer   Jun Li


For minor characters, see the cast sections on their respective episode pages.

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yume Miyamoto   as   Mei Kamino, graduate student and prodigy
  • Shoya Ishige   as   Yun Arikawa, programmer and Otaki Factory engineer
  • Misaki Kuno   as   Pelops II, Mei's virtual assistant
  • Rie Kugimiya   as   Yung, Yun's virtual assistant / Jet Jaguar, Otaki Factory combat mech
  • Taro Kiuchi   as   Haberu Kato, Otaki Factory engineer
  • Wataru Takagi   as   Goro Otaki, inventor and Otaki Factory director
  • Ayako Takeuchi   as   Satomi Kanahara, Otaki Factory clerical worker
  • Yohei Azakami   as   Shunya Sato, Ministry of Foreign Affairs bureuacrat and Misakioku employee
  • Jin Urayama   as   Tsunetomo Yamamoto, director-general of administration bureau Misakioku
  • Kotori Koiwai   as   Yukie Kanoko, bureaucrat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Kenichi Suzumura   as   Takehiro Kai, self-described freelance journalist
  • Kaho Koda   as   Dr. Li Guiying, computational chemist and SHIVA.consortium researcher
  • Hiromichi Tezuka   as   Makita K. Nakagawa, Li's butler and bodyguard
  • Ryotaro Okiayu   as   Bearach "BB" Byrne, research director of Union Compound India
  • Runa Onodera   as   Lina Byrne, BB's daughter
  • Kenta Miyake   as   Michael Steven, politician and SHIVA.consortium associate
  • Masako Isobe   as   Tilda Miller, representative of the SHIVA.consortium
  • Tomoyuki Shimura   as   Yoshiyasu Matsubara, JGSDF Colonel
  • Hiromi Yoshiyama   as   Norikiyo Fujiwara, Sato's chauffeur
  • Motoi Koyanagi   as   Genzo Kojima, longtime friend of Goro Otaki
  • Kazuhiko Inoue   as   Michiyuki Ashihara, mysterious scientist and prophet

English dub

German dub

Mexican Spanish dub

Castilian Spanish dub

French dub

Italian dub

Brazilian Portuguese dub



Weapons, vehicles, races and organizations


News of Godzilla Singular Point was leaked through Twitter by user @SugoiLITE on October 6, 2020.[11] An official announcement followed later that day (or October 7 in Japan).[3] Director Atsushi Takahashi, screenwriter Toh EnJoe, character designer Kazue Kato, monster designer Eiji Yamamori and composer Kan Sawada each provided brief statements on the series, with Yamamori mentioning the appearance of multiple monsters and dedicating his work to his late brother.[5] On October 12, it was announced that a panel for Singular Point would be held during Godzilla Fest Online 2020 on November 3, with guests including Takahashi, EnJoe, Bones producer Naoki Amano, Orange producer Jiro Ando and Toho producer Takashi Yoshizawa.[12] A new poster for the anime was released on October 26, along with three screenshots. A short trailer followed later that day, showing off many of the series' other kaiju besides Godzilla.

The series' full cast of characters and their voice actors leaked onto the internet on the morning of December 8, 2020.[13] Later that day (December 9 in Japan), they were revealed officially.[14]

On New Year's Day in Japan, the Singular Point Twitter revealed a new piece of concept art, giving a clearer look at Godzilla's face.[15] Two days later, the godzilla-sp.jp site was updated to include Kazue Kato's concept art of the show's human cast.[16]

A second PV was released on February 1, revealing new footage and the series' ending theme "Aoi" by the rock band Polkadot Stingray.

Concept art of Godzilla illustrated by Eiji Yamamori and colored by Yuji Kaneko was released on the night of February 11, giving the first full body look at the design.[17]

On February 18, it was announced that a Godzilla Singular Point panel would be held by stars Yume Miyamoto, Shoya Ishige, Misaki Kuno and Yohei Azakami at AnimeJapan 2021 on March 27.[18]

Several announcements were made on February 22, including the reveal of new key art and the name of the series' opening theme "in case..." performed by Japanese girl group BiSH. The series will debut on Netflix in Japan on March 25, ahead of its April television broadcast.[1]

The third promotional video for Godzilla Singular Point was released on March 9, giving the first glimpses at Godzilla in motion as well as several of the series' other monsters.

The first two episodes of the series were screened[19] at Toho Cinemas Hibiya in Tokyo[20] on March 19 as part of a "Completion Announcement Event." The event and first episode were also streamed on YouTube exclusively in Japan.[19]


A collaboration between Godzilla Singular Point and the Japanese boat race Boat Race Amagasaki was announced on January 20, 2021 with details to follow in February.[21] A "Godzilla Singular Point Cup" race was held from March 10 to 15.[22] An official website for the collaboration, br-amagasaki-godzilla-sp.jp, was launched on February 8[23] along with a short promotional video for the event. Various pieces of merchandise were available to those who spent over 1,000 yen in online voting, with more given out as part of a raffle for those who bet on the six winning racers.[24]

Bandai Movie Monster Series figures of the Singular Point Godzilla and Jet Jaguar were announced on February 28, the former revealing a new name of "Godzilla Ultima."[25] Additional figures, including those of Anguirus and Manda, were reported by SciFi Japan on March 13.[26]

Various Singular Point clothing items were announced on March 16.[27] Two days later, it was announced that additional merchandise would be made available for online purchase during AnimeJapan 2021.[28]

The first images of the Bandai Anguirus and Manda figures surfaced online on March 19.[29] Both figures, as well as a third of Godzilla Aquatilis, were officially revealed on April 15.

On May 6, the full version of the series' opening theme "in case..." was released on streaming services along with an accompanying music video.[30] The same day, Bandai announced a Movie Monster Series figure for Godzilla Amphibia.[31]

On May 19, it was announced that the series' soundtrack will be released on July 21.[32] The following day, three Blu-ray and DVD sets were announced with the first set to release on August 18.[33]


Main article: Godzilla Singular Point/Gallery.


Main article: Godzilla Singular Point (soundtrack).

Alternate titles

  • Godzilla S.P (ゴジラS.P Gojira Esupī; Japanese abbreviated title)
  • Godzilla: Singular Point (哥吉拉:奇異點 Gējílā Qíyì Diǎn; Chinese title)
  • Godzilla S.P: Singular Point (고지라 S.P: 싱귤러 포인트; Korean title)
  • Godzilla: Genesis of World's End (ก็อดซิลล่า ปฐมบทวิบัติโลก; Thai title)
  • Godzilla: Singularities (Godzilla: Singularidades; Portugal)

Video releases

Toho DVD/Blu-ray (2021) [Volume 1]

  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese (LPCM 2.0 Stereo)
  • Special features: Opening sequence and creditless end sequence, Special Soundtrack download code, Escape!! Radio Wave Monster Rodan! gameplay code
  • Notes: Limited edition. Includes episodes 1-5. Complete Edition Blu-ray is additionally packaged with an exclusive Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla Ultima Atomic Breath ver. figure.

Toho DVD/Blu-ray (2021) [Volume 2]

  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese (LPCM 2.0 Stereo)
  • Special features: Special booklet with staff and cast interviews, promotional videos
  • Notes: Limited edition. Includes episodes 6-9. To be released on September 22, 2021.

Toho DVD/Blu-ray (2021) [Volume 3]

  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese (LPCM 2.0 Stereo)
  • Special features: Special booklet with staff and cast interviews, episode trailers, unaired pilots
  • Notes: Limited edition. Includes episodes 10-13. To be released on October 20, 2021.


Main article: Godzilla Singular Point/Videos.


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  1. While the characters S.P would normally be read as esupī (エスピー), the furigana 「シンギュラポイント」 indicates its pronunciation as Shingyura Pointo ("Singular Point"). In the absence of furigana, the title may be written with angle brackets as 「ゴジラS.P<シンギュラポイント>」. The series' official logo capitalizes its English title as "Godzilla Singular point."
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