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Super X
The Super X in The Return of Godzilla
Height 11.2 meters[1]
Length 27.2 meters[1]
Weight 150 metric tons[1]
Width 20 meters[1]
Targets Godzilla
Piloted by Captain Akiyama
First appearance The Return of Godzilla

The Super X (スーパーX,   Sūpā Ekkusu) is an aerial vehicle used by the JSDF that first appeared in the 1984 Toho Godzilla film The Return of Godzilla.

Designed to defend the Japanese capital, the Super X was deployed to stop Godzilla when the monster attacked Tokyo. It succeeded in rendering the monster unconscious using its payload of cadmium missiles, but Godzilla was revitalized by a radiation storm and attacked the craft. This time, Godzilla gained the upper hand and finally destroyed the Super X by toppling a skyscraper onto it. However, the craft's remains were salvaged and later used to build a successor, the Super X2.


Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

The Super X was built in secret to defend Tokyo against a military invasion or nuclear accident. However, it was first used against Godzilla when he attacked Tokyo, in conjunction with the N1-00s. The first encounter between the kaiju and the machine was a success for humanity - the Super X discharged its cargo of cadmium missiles into Godzilla's mouth, halting his nuclear reactions to the point that he collapsed against a building, near death. At the same time, an accident involving the damaged Balashevo caused the Soviet Nuclear Attack Satellite to fire a nuclear weapon at the city. An American nuke was launched in response, but the collision of the two missiles generated a massive storm which disrupted the Super X's systems. Lightning from the storm struck Godzilla's dorsal fins and revived him. The Super X, now out of cadmium shells, engaged Godzilla again, but its other weapons were unable to harm him. It was destroyed after a blast of Godzilla's atomic breath damaged its engines and forced it to land, allowing him to drop a building on top of it.

Godzilla vs. Biollante

The Super X appears at the beginning of the film through stock footage from The Return of Godzilla and a single shot of JSDF troops recovering its remains. The craft is later referenced as being both the inspiration and one of the sources for the metal used in the construction of its successor, the remotely-piloted Super X2.


  • Flight at Mach 1
  • Able to launch flares
  • Titanium-alloy armor which was able to weather two direct hits from Godzilla's atomic ray before sustaining serious damage
  • Cadmium shells fired from a retractable cannon on top of the craft
  • An assortment of conventional missiles, cannons and machine guns
  • Twin laser cannons mounted on the front

Video games

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!

The Super X makes frequent appearances as a stage enemy in this game, and is most common on Earth. It flies from the right of the screen to the the screen's center, where it will hover above the player, shooting Cadmium Missiles and dropping bombs towards the player's monster. Because it flies near the top of the screen, its attacks are more effective on Mothra. In the "base" levels, the Super X adopts a different tactic, and flies towards the player, shooting at them. When hit by the player, the Super X falls out of the sky and either disappears or explodes.

Like the Moonlight SY-3, the larger fighter jets, and Moguera's beams, the Super X is colored differently based on which monster the player is currently using. The Super X is blue when Godzilla is used, and gold if Mothra is used.


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

The Super X was constructed to fight the many monsters invading the Earth after the 1999 landing of Kamacuras.


The Return of Godzilla

The Super X appears in the manga adaptation of The Return of Godzilla, mirroring its role in the film. It is destroyed in midair by a building knocked over by Godzilla, rather than perishing after damage from his atomic breath forces it to land.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

A tiny Super X appears on the cover of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #3, though not in the story itself. It later appears in the final issue of the series, where it is seen along with several other Counter-Kaiju Reaction Forces weaponry, including the Gotengo, a Maser Cannon, and two ASTOL-MB93 Maser attack planes.


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Mei Kamino's Super X pencil topper in the end credits of Godzilla Singular Point
  • The Super X is one of the most successful human-built weapons to have taken on Godzilla, managing to stop his heart and temporarily render him unconscious while sustaining almost no damage itself.
  • In a script for Godzilla 1985 dated July 10, 1985, the Super X is called the "S-R-X". By the July 18 draft, handwritten revisions by R.J. Kizer vetoed this decision.
  • The Super X appears as a pencil topper in the reference-filled end credits of Godzilla Singular Point.
  • The Super X makes a thinly-veiled appearance in episode 70 of the anime series Sgt. Frog as an alien craft used by the Keroro Platoon as part of a training exercise involving a miniature city. Maser Cannons also appear in the episode.
  • According to “Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla - Super Data Book”, The technology of the Type 67 Maser Cannon led to the development of the Super X.


This is a list of references for Super X. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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