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A Garbetrium in GODZILLA: The Planet Eater
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of the Monsters
The Planet Eater

The Garbetrium (ガルビトリウム,   Garubitoriumu) is a device utilized by the Exif to communicate with Ghidorah in the GODZILLA anime trilogy. At least two Garbetriums exist, wielded by both Endurph and Metphies.


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

Metphies wielded the Garbetrium while supposedly hearing Haruo Sakaki's confession while he was incarcerated, in reality using the opportunity to provide Haruo with data for his anti-Godzilla strategy.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

While Halu-elu Dolu-do argued with the rest of the Central Committee over whether to abandon the Earth, Endurph consulted his Garbetrium to commune with the Exif God about the possibility of survivors. Endurph stated that there were still survivors on Earth, prompting Dolu-do to mock him for his reliance on a device over which his fickle God supposedly sends predictions. Endurph was proven right, however, when Haruo made contact with the Aratrum and revealed that several soldiers had survived their earlier encounter with Godzilla Earth.

Later, in Mechagodzilla City, Metphies asked Mulu-elu Galu-gu to repair a ceremonial bead for the Garbetrium. When Galu-gu asked what it was for, Metphies replied that it was a ritual component, an important foundation for their faith. Despite his disdain for religion, Galu-gu obliged and repaired the bead for Metphies.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

After successfully forming a cult-like following among the surviving United Earth forces in the Houtua village, Metphies used his Garbetrium to contact Endurph, who had done the same aboard the Aratrum. They both decided it was nearly time for them to enact their final plan. Metphies summoned his followers before a makeshift altar to the Exif God, where he attached the bead Galu-gu had repaired for him earlier to his Garbetrium, causing it to begin glowing yellow. He revealed the sacred name of their God: Ghidorah, and instructed his followers to call upon Him to eliminate Godzilla Earth. The followers in the village and aboard the Aratrum began chanting Ghidorah's name, calling upon the "Wings of Death" to destroy Godzilla. The shadows of Ghidorah's heads crept across the floor and began dismembering the cultists in the Houtua village, after which one of Ghidorah's heads manifested in Earth's orbit and destroyed the Aratrum.

After this summoning, Metphies replaced one of his eyes with the Garbetrium bead, which he used to guide Ghidorah in his battle with Godzilla. While being subjected to a telepathic vision by Metphies, Haruo realized he was using the bead to guide Ghidorah, and upon snapping back to reality he grabbed Metphies by the head and shattered the bead with his thumb. With Ghidorah rendered subject to this dimension's laws, Godzilla was able to quickly dispatch him. Metphies eventually died from his wounds, ending Ghidorah's attempted consumption of the Earth, at least for now.


Gematron Calculation

The Garbetrium is utilized by the Exif for Gematron Calculation, a technology that allows them to predict the future. Ghidorah sends information through Gematron Calculation to the Garbetrium, which is interpeted by the Exif clergy.


The Garbetrium can facilitate telepathic communication between Metphies and Endurph.


The Garbetrium is a key part of the ritual to summon Ghidorah to this dimension. After a special bead is placed on the Garbetrium, it will begin to glow bright yellow and allow Ghidorah to manifest in this dimension. After Ghidorah is summoned, he can be guided directly by the Garbetrium bead, which Metphies placed in his eye socket.




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