Kazuhiro Yamaji

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Kazuhiro Yamaji
Kazuhiro Yamaji
Born June 4, 1954
Mie Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Actor, voice actor
First work Orin (TV 1979)
Notable work PSYCHO-PASS (TV 2012-2013)
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What I will never forget is Godzilla's cute child Minilla who practices hard to spit fire and is surprised by his own fire. A lot of people don't remember. (どうしても忘れられないのは、一生懸命に火を吐く練習をしたり自分の火で驚いたりする、かわゆいゴジラの子「ミニラ」。知らない人多いだろうなぁ。)

— Kazuhiro Yamaji

Kazuhiro Yamaji (山路 和弘,   Yamaji Kazuhiro) is a Japanese actor and voice actor. Yamaji began his career primarily as a stage and screen actor, until a TV producer saw one of his stage performances and was impressed by his voice and recruited him into voice work. Since then, Yamaji has lent his voice to countless high-profile productions, including anime such as Ghost in the Shell, PSYCHO-PASS, One-Punch Man, and Attack on Titan. In addition, he has worked extensively in Japanese dubbing of Hollywood films, frequently dubbing high-profile actors such as Russell Crowe, Willem Dafoe, Hugh Jackman, and Al Pacino. Specifically, he has worked as the exclusive Japanese dub voice actor for Jason Statham since 1998. While Yamaji has portrayed a wide variety of characters throughout his career, he is particularly associated with playing villains, which he has stated are the roles he enjoys the most.

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