Fuchimu Shimakura

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Fuchimu Shimakura
Fuchimu Shimakura in March 2019
Born 1940
Suibara, Niigata, Japan
Occupation Matte painter
First work Stepbrothers (1957)[1]
Notable work Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Fuchimu Shimakura (島倉二千六,   Shimakura Fuchimu), also known by the alias Jin Shimakura (島倉仁,   Shimakura Jin) and nicknamed the God of Clouds (雲の神様,   Kumo no Kamisama) for his proficiency at creating paintings of skies, is a Japanese matte painter. He is perhaps best recognized for his work on Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla Final Wars, and a number of entries in the Ultra series.

Shimakura was a skilled painter since childhood and worked on his earliest known film as a teenager in 1957.[1] After visiting the set of The Three Treasures in 1959, he was offered to begin working for Toho by Masami Sueyasu, and became a contracted employee by 1960. He continued working for the company until 1981, when he left to begin working as a freelance artist. Shimakura's career has spanned over six decades, and he has received numerous awards for his achievements. Most recently, he provided the backdrop for the final scene of the crowdfunded tokusatsu revival film, Howl from Beyond the Fog.[2]

Selected filmography

Composite painting

Background painting


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