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James Stokoe
James Stokoe
Born September 4, 1985
Occupation Comic book writer and artist
Notable work Orc Stain (2010-2012)
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I ultimately set it up as almost an unrequited love story, where the main character dedicates his existence to chasing this monster and in turn is barely noticed. Ota and company basically spend their lives doing that childhood thing of punching the pretty girl in the arm and then running away.

— James Stokoe on his comic Godzilla: The Half-Century War[1]

James Stokoe is a Canadian comic book writer and artist. He is the creator of the comic book series Orc Stain and part of the Yosh Comics studio along with his wife Marley Zarcone, Corey Lewis, and Brandon Graham. In 2009, he drew a short Godzilla fan comic called "World War G," in which Godzilla battled a futuristic military force.[2] When IDW Publishing acquired the comic license to Godzilla, "World War G" inspired editor Bobby Curnow to contact Stokoe.[1] As a "tryout," he drew a five-page battle between Godzilla and Hedorah, scripted by Chris Mowry. Stokoe ultimately wrote and illustrated the 2012 miniseries Godzilla: The Half-Century War, and has contributed to several other Godzilla comics from IDW Publishing. His "tryout" is included in Godzilla Treasury Edition, a compilation of his work on IDW's Godzilla comics.

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