Masato Shimon

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Masato Shimon
Masato Shimon
Born January 4, 1944
Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Singer, former music producer, actor, voice actor
First work "Miserable Home Planet" /
"Guitar of Tears" (1966)
Notable work "Let's Go! Rider Kick" (1971), "Swim! Taiyaki" (1975)

Masato Shimon (子門 真人,   Shimon Masato), born Shoji Fujikawa (藤川 正治,   Fujikawa Shōji) and known under numerous psuedonyms,[note 1] is a Japanese singer and former music producer.

Making his debut in 1966, Shimon rose to popularity during the 1970s, providing theme and insert songs for a number of anime and tokusatsu series. Regarded as one of the "big three" classic anime singers alongside Ichiro Mizuki and Isao Sasaki, he also created songs for film, such as Godzilla vs. Megalon's ending theme "Godzilla and Jet Jaguar: Punch! Punch! Punch!" and a promotional song for the Japanese release of the original Star Wars. Shimon's biggest work was inarguably the 1975 song "Swim! Taiyaki" which became the first ever single to debut at number one on the Oricon weekly chart, remaining there for 11 consecutive weeks and surpassing Shiro Maya's "The Way of a Woman" as the best-selling song of Japan. He was also an occasional actor and voice actor, providing the voice of Jumborg Ace as well as screams used in Kamen Rider Amazon's transformation sequence, and dubbing over Peter Marshall as the radio show host Bert Healy in the Japanese release of the 1982 film, Annie.

Selected discography

Selected filmography


  1. Including, but not limited to:
    • Koichi Fuji (藤 浩一,   Fuji Kōichi)
    • Koichi Fujikawa (藤川 浩一,   Fujikawa Kōichi)
    • Hirokazu Fuji (藤 ひろかず,   Fuji Hirokazu)
    • Motomi Tsubaki (椿 もとみ,   Tsubaki Motomi)
    • Akira Tani (谷 あきら,   Tani Akira)
    • Ren Hiroa (大安 蓮,   Hiroa Ren)
    • Fumio Fukawa (布川 富美雄,   Fukawa Fumio)
    • Ken Shiba (司馬 拳,   Shiba Ken)
    • Peter Simon (ピーター・サイモン,   Pītā Saimon)
    • Satanta (サタンタ)


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