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Kenji Okuhira is a Japanese producer. He was an executive producer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla alongside Yoshimitsu Banno, Patricia Whitcher, and Alex Garcia.


KENJI OKUHIRA (Executive Producer) is a producer and photojournalist whose works, in two different arenas, include Ash Baron-Cohen’s 1999 big screen crime thriller “Pups,” on which he served as associate producer for the film festival favorite, and photographic contributions to the 2012 book Floating Stone: 21 Thoughts of Kenji Miyazawa.

The latter work is a collection from the large body of poet Miyazawa Kenji's writing. Miyazawa is considered to be one of the greatest modern Japanese poets and authors, whose work influenced Ishiro Honda, director of the original 1954 “Godzilla,” and many other artists. Select poems by Miyazawa were read by actor Ken Watanabe, who plays the role of Dr. Serizawa in “Godzilla,” in a special TV program by NHK and at a charity auction by Christie's in New York as part of relief activities following the Tohoku Earthquake. Floating Stone: 21 Thoughts of Kenji Miyazawa contains selected brief lines from Miyazawa's best known works juxtaposed with Okuhira’s photographs.

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