Kanju Yagi and Yasuei Yagi

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Kanju Yagi / Yasuei Yagi
Kanju (top left) and Yasuei (bottom right) Yagi with Eizo Kaimai during production of Godzilla Raids Again
Occupation Modelers
First work Godzilla (1954)

The Yagi brothers (八木兄弟,   Yagi Kyōdai), Kanju (八木勘寿,   Yagi Kanju) and Yasuei (八木康栄,   Yagi Yasuei), are Japanese molders and modelers.

Selected Filmography

Molding / Modeling


  • Gamera (1965) - Gamera [Kanju only; role shared with multiple other members of the special effects staff]


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