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Salunga in episode 13 of Godzilla Singular Point
Alternate names Sarunga, Sarnga,[1] Sharanga
Species Large primate-like creature
Length 21 meters[2]
Enemies SHIVA.consortium
Written by Toh EnJoe
Designed by Eiji Yamamori
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point
episode 5, "Theorist"
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The monkey prevails?

Tilda Miller as an Orthogonal Diagonalizer fired at Salunga has no effect on him ("Together")

Salunga (サルンガ,   Sarunga) is a monkey-like kaiju that first appears in episode 5 of the 2021 animated Godzilla series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Salunga's name is likely derived from the Japanese word saru (猿), meaning "monkey." Toho filed a trademark on its Japanese name サルンガ (Sarunga) on October 6, 2020.[3]

While Netflix's subtitles render サルンガ as "Salunga" in English, the June 2021 issue of CGWORLD magazine refers to it as Sarnga.[1]

Salunga is referred to in episode 6 as シャランガ (Sharanga), the name for the celestial bow of the Hindu god Vishnu. This serves as the local Indian name for the monster, with サルンガ (Sarunga) being applied by the Japanese media.[4] The English dub uses this name for the monster.


Salunga resembles a combination of the Showa-era monsters Baragon and Gabara. Like Gabara, he has warty green skin, a beige underbelly, a cat-like muzzle, and horns running along the top of his head, but lacks the red lock of hair. Much like Baragon, he has a long tail, a larger forward facing horn on his forehead, and a paired row of golden plates running down the length of his back. He also has additional, fungus-like plates on his shoulders and scutes on his hind feet and fingers, and his eyes are white in color. He has arms with three long fingers and opposable thumbs. His posture is much like that of a primate, having long arms, relatively short legs, and a prominently hunched back. This makes him capable of walking both bipedally and quadrupedally, and allows him to be an adept climber. Salunga can also retract his lips to reveal his gums and teeth in an intimidation display, similar to the real life Gelada Baboon. He also appears to have an underbite, as the teeth on his upper jaw tuck behind the teeth on his lower jaw.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


At the Upala research facility in India, Bela Bhan and his associates descended onto a massive containment hatch, opening it with a pair of access keys. From a control room, Tilda Miller was shown stills of what lay below: Salunga.


As the hatch opened, clouds of red dust poured out from below. Amidst the haze, Salunga stood atop a perch and roared at the men before beginning to climb nearby scaffolding. As BB and the others began retreating, Salunga steadily approached the top. Operators in the control room scrambled to reseal the hatch, managing to close it just moments before Salunga could escape. Thwarted, the creature banged on the hatch and roared in anger.


Salunga broke through multiple hatches as it continued its attempt to climb out of its containment, eventually making it to a final hatch where guards began to shoot down at it, only for the bullets to bounce off. As it leaped around exploding rafters, Bela dropped an experimental Orthogonal Diagonalizer weapon that crystallized the red dust and impaled it on the rafter it was climbing up. Still alive, Salunga growled towards Bela as the containment doors closed.


Salunga managed to break out of his containment facility and began going on a rampage in a small Indian town. Bela and his team utilized a new Orthagonal Diagonizer in the form of a missile, the first shot covering the kaiju in crystalline Archetype while the second impaled and paralyzed him.


Salunga managed to break out of his impalement and began its march towards SHIVA.


Salunga attacked SHIVA and made its way to the Super Dimension Calculator, which it eventually destroyed in order to reach the singular point inside. As it finished doing so, a code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer was sent, turning all archetype into blue crystals which once again impaled the kaiju.


Physical abilities

Salunga is an excellent and acrobatic climber, being able to scale the metal rafters in his containment area, leaping from one rafter to the other and swing around cables. Salunga is also incredibly strong, managing to open a giant metal door and break through its containment chamber.


Bullets from the guards' heavy caliber rifles proved to be ineffective in piercing Salunga's hide, only bouncing off after impact. Archetype crystallized by the Orthogonal Diagonalizer pierced its skin and immobilized it but was unable to kill the beast. It is unknown if Godzilla’s atomic breath crystallized by the weapon was able to do so.


Salunga discharges electricity from its body

Salunga is able to release electricity from its body similarly to Gabara, as shown when it opened a large door in SHIVA.



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