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The Telegian appears in The Secret of the Telegian
Alternate names Sudo, Goro Nakamoto,
Telegraphic Man
Subtitle(s) Teleporting Kaijin
(テレポート怪人,   Terepōto Kaijin)[1]
Species Human
Height 1.8 meters[2]
Weight 70 kilograms[2]
Forms Sudo, Telegian
Created by Shinichi Sekizawa,
Jun Fukuda, Tomoyuki Tanaka
Played by Tadao Nakamaru
First appearance The Secret of the Telegian
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The Telegian (電送人間 須藤,   Densō Ningen Sudō, lit. "Telegraphic Man Sudo")[3] is a kaijin created by Toho that appeared in the 1960 film The Secret of the Telegian.


The official Japanese name for this kaijin is Telegraphic Man Sudo (電送人間 須藤,   Densō Ningen Sudō),[3] though he is only called Sudo (須藤,   Sudō) or his alias Goro Nakamoto (中本伍郎,   Nakamoto Gorō) within the film itself. The English name Telegian comes from Toho's international English title for the film, The Secret of the Telegian, and is likely derived from the word "telegraph."


During World War II, Sudo dutifully served in the Japanese military as a lance corporal. On the night of Japan's surrender, Sudo and four other soldiers were ordered to escort military scientist Dr. Nikki and his research to a cave. However, the other four soldiers were transporting smuggled gold rather than Nikki's research materials, and when Sudo confronted them about this, he was stabbed with a bayonet and shot repeatedly. The traitorous soldiers fled and set off dynamite to bury both Sudo and Nikki in the cave, assuming they killed them both, but the two men survived. Sudo took the alias Goro Nakamoto and relocated with Nikki to a farmhouse in Karuizawa, Nagano, working as Nikki's assistant to complete his teleportation device. Unbeknownst to Nikki, Sudo intended to use the device to hunt down and kill each of the four soldiers who betrayed him years before.


The Secret of the Telegian

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Via the Object Transmitting Machine, the Telegian could teleport.


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