Stone Creature

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Stone Creatures
The Stone Guardians
Alternate names Stone Guardians
Subtitle(s) Rock Monster
(岩石怪獣,   Ganseki Kaijū)[1]
Species Sentient rocks
Relations Unnamed pharaoh
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 3,
"Attack of the Stone Creature"

The Stone Guardians of Ramal (ストーンクリーチャー,   Sutōn Kurīchā, lit. Stone Creature) are a pair of stone kaiju created by Hanna-Barbera that appeared in the 1978 Godzilla episode "Attack of the Stone Creature."


The Stone Guardians are a pair of animated stone monsters resembling lions with tusks. Their bodies are entirely made up of stone blocks and wheels, with their main body and face being made up of orange stones while the stones making up their manes, eyes, lower jaws and tusks being tan. At the tip of their tails is a wheel-like structure covered in spikes, which they use as weapons.



"Attack of the Stone Creature"

Created by an ancient pharaoh, the Stone Guardians watched over the Pyramid of Ramal. In modern times, a lone archaeologist ran into the creatures and was nearly killed by their blizzards. The human managed to survive and walk across the desert before bumping into the Calico's crew. Curious as to how someone could get frostbite in the desert, they went out to the location. Their chopper was soon brought down by an intense blizzard caused by the Stone Guardians, but Godzilla managed to save them from crashing.

The Stone Guardians fought Godzilla after he saved the group, but they were soon buried beneath the sand, leaving Godzilla confused as to where they went. Later on, as the Calico crew tried to go inside the Pyramid of Ramal, the Stone Guardians appeared again and began to fire their blizzard breaths at Captain Majors, Quinn, and Brock. Godzilla was summoned again, and the two creatures began to freeze Godzilla's body with ice. As the two Stone Guardians tried to tackle him, Godzilla broke free of the ice and evaded the attack, causing them to collide and destroy each other with their super effective impact.


Sandstorm and blizzard breath

In a desert with a partly cloudy, blue sky, two orange and tan, blocky stone lion monsters called the Stone Guardians stand in front of and behind Godzilla, a normally green, giant, saurian monster with spikes running down his back, as they breathe icy blue breath at him. Godzilla, standing at the center of the screen, has been frozen solid from the assault.
The Stone Guardians freezing Godzilla with their icy breath

The Stone Guardians can create massive sand storms or intense blizzards by spewing a steady stream consisting of intense wind and either sand or snow from their mouths. Their blizzard breaths are capable of freezing objects and triggering frostbite as demonstrated with the archaeologist and Godzilla.

Ice balls

The Stone Guardians can create massive balls of ice in their mouths and then launch them at a target.

Spiked tail

Both Stone Guardians have a wheel-like structure covered in spikes at the end of their tails, which they are able to use as weapons by striking opponents with them.

Towards the bottom-left of the screen, a Stone Guardian, an orange and tan, blocky stone monster resembling a lion, fires a white ball of ice at Godzilla, a giant, green, saurian monster with darker green spikes running down his back. The Stone Guardian is about to fire another ice ball at its adversary.
A Stone Guardian firing a ball of ice at Godzilla


A single Stone Guardian was easily overpowered by Godzilla, requiring assistance from a second to stand against him. Both Guardians were destroyed when Godzilla tricked them into colliding with each other, reducing them to a pile of rubble.



Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla


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