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Radon and Rodan trademark icon
Radon and Rodan
Radon in Godziban
Rodan in Godziban
Alternate names Egg-kun (Radon)
Relations Each other (brothers),
Minilla (Radon's "mama")
Allies Minilla, Godzilla-kun, Little, Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu
Enemies Dorats / King Ghidorah
First appearance Latest appearance
Godziban episode 12,
"Fly to the Cliff!"
Godziban episode 55, Hop! Step! Radon! #1 / "First Season Digest"

Radon (ラドン) and his big brother Rodan (ロダン) are characters featured in the 2019 web series Godziban, specifically its Go! Go! Godzilla-kun segments.


Radon's name is simply the Japanese name for the character Rodan, upon which he is based. Conversely, his brother's name is the English name for the character. Prior to his hatching, Radon was called Egg-kun (タマゴくん,   Tamago-kun, lit. "Mr. Egg") by Minilla.


Both Radon and Rodan are modeled after Rodan, the monster upon which they are based. As such, they are brown pterosaurs with large wings at their sides, spikes on their chests, two horns on the back of their heads, and flat fan-shaped tails. Radon, being an infant, is much smaller than his brother and has undeveloped horns on the back of his head and a shorter beak. Radon has a piece of his eggshell still covering his lower body, resembling a diaper. Rodan resembles the character's design from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, with developed horns on the back of his head and small spikes on his cheeks. Rodan has a yellow beak, whereas his younger brother's is a light brown color.


  • Godziban (web 2019-) [episodes 12, 17, 20-23, 38, 47, and 54-57; special episodes 2, 4, 6, and 9-11]

Reiwa era


Go! Go! Godzilla-kun
"Fly Towards the Future!"

Minilla was playing with Radon, and the two both ate Meganulon-shaped plants. They saw a paper airplane go by and were soon joined by Godzilla-kun and Little, who caught the airplane. The three brothers discussed the fact that Radon should be able to fly, so Minilla decided to help him learn to fly. The two approached a cliff and Radon jumped off of it, but failed to take flight and instead plummeted to the ground below. Minilla ran down the slope and carried Radon back to the top, where he tried again unsuccessfully. Suddenly, the Three Dorat Brothers appeared and attacked the two monsters, with Minilla shielding Radon from their electrical blasts. In order to protect his "mama," Radon finally took flight and rammed into the Dorats, scattering them. Enraged, the Dorats combined into King Ghidorah and began blasting Minilla and Radon with their gravity beams. Minilla once again shielded Radon from the blasts until Godzilla-kun arrived and challenged Ghidorah. All of Godzilla-kun's monster allies soon assembled, including Radon, to take on Ghidorah together. They then all charged at the three-headed monster at once.

Hop! Step! Radon!

In this segment introduced in Season 4, Radon's time at the Mount Aso hot springs is highlighted, with Rodan helping his brother learn to fly.


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