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King Cobra
King Cobra in "Competition"
Alternate names Cobra
Species Mutated King Cobra
Controlled by Leviathan Aliens
Enemies Godzilla, Robo-Yeti, Crustaceous Rex, Skeetera, Giant Bat
Created by Fil Barlow
First appearance Latest appearance
"Competition" "Monster Wars: Part 3"

King Cobra is a giant mutated snake kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Monster Wars: Part 2, however continuity-wise, H.E.A.T. first encounters it in Competition.


Godzilla: The Series


A mutated cobra that somehow found its home in Japan, King Cobra attacked and captured several civilians trekking in the Japanese wilderness with its glue-like venom. Its danger caused the Japanese self-defense force to close off Mount Fuji to the public, but when H.E.A.T. came to investigate along with Godzilla, he was wrongfully blamed for the carnage and attacked by the JSDF's Robo-Yeti. As Godzilla fought the Robo-Yeti, King Cobra made its strike against the base camp. Godzilla and the Robo-Yeti came back in time, but the robotic ape was severely damaged and Godzilla blinded by its spit. With nothing to stop it, King Cobra moved on to new hunting grounds: Tokyo.

Spraying fleeing people with its glue, the creature was attacked by Robo-Yeti once again. This time, however, the reptile crushed its cybernetic foe with its powerful coils. The fight wasn’t done yet, however. Godzilla, still blinded, burst from the ground, using nothing but his sense of hearing to fight.

The fight was one-sided at first, but when Nick managed to free Godzilla of the glue thanks to a chemical concoction designed by Elsie Chapman, the atomic titan let loose all his might on the serpent, blasting him with his fearsome atomic ray. Soon, the monster king and the giant serpent crashed into Tokyo Bay. King Cobra, now unconscious and in Godzilla's jaws, was tossed to the side. It was thought to be dead, but this assumption would prove incorrect.

"Monster Wars: Part 2"

King Cobra was summoned by the Leviathan Aliens to Site Omega and then instructed to head to Paris after being put under their control. Upon discovering Godzilla on the island, King Cobra, Queen Bee, El Gusano Gigante, and a Mutant Rat all prepared to battle him. The Leviathan Aliens halted the imminent conflict, and a All Monsters were then sent into the world's major cities to cause destruction. King Cobra was sent to Paris.

"Monster Wars: Part 3"

King Cobra continued its rampage until H.E.A.T. deactivated the Leviathan Alien control beacon. At that point it began to attack Leviathan Alien vessels until it was incapacitated by human forces. It was then taken to Isle Del Diablo, to become a part of a Mutation Research Facility.


On Monster Island, the giant snake was imprisoned in his own habitat by force barriers. Living in peace for once, the creature was freed when the ecological terrorist group S.C.A.L.E. arrived to free the mutations. He, along with the other three monsters, C-Rex, Giant Bat, and Skeetera, entered a free-for-all brawl for the island. While Skeetera proved a challenge, C-Rex and King Cobra were once again imprisoned in their habitats by Monique.

"Future Shock"

In an alternate future, a group of genetically engineered creatures called D.R.A.G.M.A.s overran the world, forcing Major Hicks to unleash all of the mutations on Monster Island, which presumably included King Cobra, in a last-ditch effort to stop them. Unfortunately, all of the kaiju, even Godzilla, were killed by the D.R.A.G.M.A.s. Thankfully, H.E.A.T. and Godzilla managed to prevent this future by destroying all of the immature D.R.A.G.M.A.s in the past before they could overrun the world.


  • King Cobra can spit venomous globs that act like quick drying glue
  • King Cobra is capable of burrowing, constricting his body to exert extreme pressure on foes, and biting his enemies with his powerful jaws.


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 巨大キング・コブラ[1] Kyodai Kingu Kobura Giant King Cobra
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Королевская Кобра Korolevskaya Kobra Translation of English name


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