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The Island of Lost Ships
Species Chimera
Controlled by Siren Sisters
Enemies Godzilla, Godzooky
First appearance Godzilla episode 9,
"Island of Lost Ships"

Chimera (キメラ,   Kimera) is a lion-like monster that appeared in the 1978 Godzilla episode, "Island of Lost Ships."


Chimera resembles the mythological creature of the same name, although it does not possess a goat head or a snake on the tip of the tail. It has dark gray skin and two ram horns on its head. Chimera has a forked tongue.


The Calico discovered an island on the one night it became visible again after thousands of years of invisibility. The Siren Sisters who inhabited the island wanted to have the crew prisoner for all eternity, but Godzilla arrived to prevent that. The Chimera was accidentally released and the two began battling, but the Chimera was no match for Godzilla and was pushed back into its prison. Later, after capturing most of the crew, the Siren Sisters all combined into one to awaken and control the Chimera. When Chimera gripped Godzooky, Pete managed to awaken Godzilla who started to fight Chimera again. Knowing the Chimera couldn't beat Godzilla alone, the sirens joined with the Chimera to increase its power. This strength made no difference to Godzilla, who tricked it into falling off the cliff and diving into the sea, awakening the Calico crew.


Fire breath

Chimera can release a deadly stream of fire from its maw.

Size changing

Chimera can grow from human-sized to Godzilla-sized.


In their first fight, Chimera was easily overpowered by Godzilla, so in their second fight, it needed assistance from the Siren Sisters to increase its size and power. It will be destroyed if it enters water, transforming into smoke.


  • In Greek mythology, the chimera possesses a second head (of a goat) in the middle of its back, and a third (snake) at the tip of its tail.


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