Amano Shiratori

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Amano Shiratori
Amano Shiratori
Species Silver Swan
Length 6.3 meters[1]
Wingspan 7 meters[2]
Weight 1.5 metric tons[2]
Created by Wataru Mimura
Played by Puppet
First appearance Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon
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Amano Shiratori (天の白禽,   Amano Shiratori, lit. White Bird of the Heavens) is a swan deity kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1994 Toho film, Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon.


Amano Shiratori's literal Japanese name is "White Bird of the Heavens".


Heisei series

Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon

Amano Shiratori is considered a god and is used by Oorchiriou to communicate with the mortal world. Oorchiriou would only send Amano Shiratori into the human realm to protect those whose lives would change the path of fate. Amano Shiratori was first summoned forth to save the infant Osu from falling off a cliff to his death. Amano Shiratori then caught the infant and returned him to his rightful birth parents, before taking off into the night sky.

The next time Osu would see Amano Shiratori was many years later during his battle with Yamata no Orochi, where the bird saved Osu and Oto from harm. Amano Shiratori flew the two into battle, but Orochi got the upper hand and sent them flying into space.



Amano Shiratori can fly.


Amano Shiratori can teleport.


Amano Shiratori can enchant an area allowing it to levitate or teleport objects in that location.


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The Famous Yongary

13 months ago
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I never watched this movie, but seems pretty cool.


41 months ago
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This has a cool design, but it's a shame she was defeated so quickly.


41 months ago
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I think that this one is my least favorite kaiju from Yamato Takeru
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