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Destro-King in Zone Fighter
Alternate names Destro King, Destroking, Desutoro-King, Desutoro King, Destoro-King
Subtitle(s) Subterranean Terror-Beast
(地底恐獣,   Chitei Kyōjū)
Species Cybernetic Dragon Terror-Beast
Height 85 meters[1]
Weight 80,000 metric tons[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Allies Garogas
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 2,
"Attack! Destro-King"
Latest appearance Zone Fighter episode 12,
"The Terror-Beast Base: Invade the Earth!"

Destro-King (デストロキング,   Desutoro Kingu) is a cybernetic dragon kaiju who first appeared in episode 2 of the 1973 Toho tokusatsu kaiju series Zone Fighter, "Attack! Destro-King."


According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, Destro-King was born on Planet Garoga, the homeworld of its creators, the Garoga.[2]


Destro-King resembles a cybernetic two-headed dragon. His body extends to a great height, with his necks splitting just before the heads. On his necks, he has bright blue spikes. Both heads have three spikes on their scalps, along with bright pink eyes and long horizontal horns. They also have mandibles similar to Gigan. Destro-King has a midnight-blue body with several silver spikes and ridges in his chest, as well as a diminutive pair of silver wings on his back. He also has metal toecaps and a long tail that has two spikes coming out the end of it.

Perhaps most unusually, Destro-King appears to have what looks like a fuel tank embedded in his back, which is most likely used to power him and supply energy for his attacks.


Zone Fighter

"Attack! Destro-King"

Destro-King was dispatched by the Garogas in a Terror-Beast Missile, with the intention of killing the Zone Family off. Set free, the monster did not have to wait long until Zone Fighter came to confront him. Destro-King soon gained the upper hand, as even the hero's Meteor Missile Might attack couldn't faze the creature. His energy levels diminishing, Zone Fighter might have been killed, if not for the intervention of Zone Angel and Zone Junior, who blasted one of the machine kaiju's heads clean off! The Zone Warriors then used their beam lamps to revive Zone Fighter, and he pummeled a now-weakened Destro-King, ultimately causing the kaiju to overheat and explode.

"The Terror-Beast Base: Invade the Earth!"

Destro-King appeared via flashback as the Garogas contemplated the many defeats they had suffered at the hands of Zone Fighter. The two battled surrounded by orange mist, with Destro-King offering no resistance as Zone Fighter pummeled him.


Physical abilities

When Zone Fighter charged at Destro-King, he simply ducked while also lowering his heads to the floor, making the hero completely miss and leap over him. After getting back up from Zone Fighter's Meteor Meteorite Collapse, Destro-King attempted an overhand strike, only for it to be caught by the hero, with Destro-King trying to get the hero to let go with his other head by hitting him in the head. After being tackled to the ground, Zone Fighter attempted to rip off one of Destro-King's head before being swatted off with the other head. When Destro-King was able to immobilize the hero, Destro-King took the opportunity to stomp on top of a grounded Zone Fighter while also repeatedly pummeling him with his heads, speeding up after each blow. After slowing down, Destro-King attempted a double overhead strike with his heads, only for it to be caught by Zone Fighter, leaving the Terror-Beast to push down against the hero's grip.

Heat Ray

Destro-King is capable of firing red lasers from each of his mouths, which create explosions upon impact. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), this attack is called the Heat Ray (熱光線 Netsu Kosen), has a temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, and can burn anything within a 40 kilometer radius. When his fight against Zone Fighter began, Destro-King immediately fired a Heat Ray at Zone Fighter, which exploded against the ground as the hero dodged the blast. When both Heat Rays struck the hero, they briefly encased him in red energy before damaging him and sending him to the ground exhausted.


According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), Destro-King is able to burrow with the golden drill at the base of his neck at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This ability went unused in the show, however.


Destro-King was able to shrug off multiple attacks from Zone Fighter, recovering quickly from being knocked to the ground by Meteor Meteorite Collapse, ignoring the hero cracking one of his necks in an attempt to rip it off, and even surviving two volleys of Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Might. One of his heads was severed by Zone Angel and Zone Junior's Meteor Proton Beams, leaving him severely weakened. Destro-King would later endure a Meteor Kick to his remaining head from a recharged Zone Fighter, crumpling it, before being thrown the ground and exploding.


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Destro-King uses altered Muruchi roars.


  • Since Destro-King's heads are operated by the suit actor's arms, the fuel tank in Destro-King's back was where the suit actor's head would be.


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