Attack! Destro-King

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Zone Fighter Episodes
Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!
Attack! Destro-King
Strike! Garoga's Underground Base
Attack! Destro-King
Attack! Destro-King
Series Zone Fighter
Episode # 2
Directed by Jun Fukuda
Written by Jun Fukuda
Air date 7:00pm (JST) April 9, 1973

Attack! Destro-King (やっつけろ!デストロキング,   Yattsukero! Desutorokingu) is the second episode of Zone Fighter.


While taking photos of a passing train, Murayama and his younger brother Jiro spot a meteor falling to Earth. Unbeknownst to them, it contains five Garogas who have been sent by their Baron to kill the Zone Family. Hikaru finds a strange, thin piece of metal near the impact site. A man wearing sunglasses drops a listening device into their car. When Jiro suggests that Yoichiro might be able to identify the metal, the aliens follows them to the Sakimoto residence. Yoichiro promises Murayama that he will look into his discovery.

Jiro finds Akira operating a remote-control boat. Using a control of their own, the Garogas direct the boat underwater, then launch it at Jiro's face, drawing blood. When Akira leaves to get help, the Garogas abduct Jiro. At the same time, Yoichiro matches the piece of metal to the Garogas' signature missiles. A strangely brusque phone call informs everyone that Jiro has been taken to a hospital, and they drive to visit him. When Hikaru tries to do the same, Garogas disguised as police officers stop him and place a time bomb on his car. Unfortunately for the pursuing Garogas, the explosive falls off Hikaru's car as he swerves to avoid a woman walking on the side of the road, and detonates under their car instead. The Baron Garoga, furious at their failure, orders the launch of a Terror-Beast Missile.

At the hospital, a doctor claims that Jiro's vision cannot be restored. Murayama and Akira both offer to donate their eyes for an operation, but Yoichiro intervenes, informing Murayama in private that Akira can regenerate his eyes. The three remaining Garogas, now disguised as surgeons, try to stab Akira, but the man in sunglasses, Takeru Jou, bursts through a window to warn him just in time. Hikaru and Hotaru rush to their aid. After a brief fight, the aliens retreat, and the Sakimoris give chase. Both the Garogas and the car shift into their true forms; the Sakimoris follow suit. Taking flight, Mighty Liner circles around the Garogas and is about to finish them off when the Terror-Beast Missile explodes, releasing Destro-King!

Mighty Liner lands, allowing Hikaru to transform into Zone Fighter. The kaiju quickly gains the upper hand, pummeling the hero with his two heads. Zone Fighter manages to roll away and unleashes his Meteor Missile Might barrage. The attack lowers his Zone Meter to critical levels, leaving him wide open to twin energy beams from Destro-King, but Zone Angel and Zone Junior intervene, blasting the kaiju's right head off and recharging Zone Fighter's energy. The hero springs to his feet and unleashes a flurry of blows, with the final throw causing Destro-King to explode.

The next day, Hikaru and Takeru thank each other for their rescue of Akira, with Takeru offering to loan Hikaru his telescope.


Characters and Monsters

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Garogas (Gold, Silver)
  • Mighty Liner


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