Garoga Gorilla

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Garoga Gorilla
The Garoga Gorilla in Zone Fighter
Subtitle(s) Giant Ape Terror-Beast
(巨大猿恐獣,   Kyodaien Kyōjū)
Species Mutated Gorilla
Height 58 meters[1]
Weight 68,000 metric tons[1]
Relations Garoga Spider (Creator)
Allies None
Enemies Zone Angel, Zone Junior, Zone Great
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 9, "Search for the Secret of the Spider!"

The Garoga Gorilla (ガロガゴリラ,   Garoga Gorira) is a kaiju who first appeared in the ninth episode of the 1973 Toho tokusatsu kaiju show Zone Fighter, "Search for the Secret of the Spider!".


The Garoga Gorilla is a gigantic gorilla. He has brown fur and beige skin. Two of his bottom teeth are protruding from his mouth much like Gamera, forming short tusks.


Zone Fighter

Unlike most of the other monsters in Zone Fighter, Garoga Gorilla was not created by the Garogas. He was originally a normal gorilla, but the Garoga Spider bit it, causing it to mutate. Yoichiro, Zone Angel, and Zone Junior all fought the Garoga Gorilla while Zone Fighter was battling Spideros. Together, the three defeated the Garoga Gorilla. Afterwards, they went on to help Zone in his fight against Spideros.


Physical abilities

While Garoga Gorilla lacks any special abilities, he is very strong and capable of inflicting serious damage to the surrounding area using just his fists as well as being able to shatter boulders with his fists. This is expanded upon in All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), which states the Garoga Gorilla has superhuman strength sufficient to crush a 400,000 ton tanker.[2]


Garoga Gorilla was easily injured and ultimately killed by the Zone Family's beams.


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Garoga Gorilla's roars are shortened Gaira and King Kong growls.


  • Despite being a Terror-Beast, Hikaru never transformed into his giant form to fight with the Garoga Gorilla at any point in the episode. Instead it is Zone Angel, Zone Junior, and Zone Great who fight and kill the mutated ape.


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