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Son of Kong
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Directed by Ernest Schoedsack
Producer(s) Ernest Schoedsack
Written by Ruth Rose
Music by Max Steiner
Distributor RKO Radio Pictures
Budget $269,000
Box office $1,342,880
Running time 69 minutes
Aspect ratio 1.37:1
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Son of Kong is a 1933 American giant monster film produced by RKO Radio Pictures and a sequel to King Kong, released earlier that same year. It was released to American theaters on December 22, 1933.


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  • Directed by   Ernest Schoedsack
  • Written by   Ruth Rose
  • Produced by   Merian C. Cooper, Archie Marshek, Ernest Schoedsack
  • Music by   Max Steiner
  • Cinematography by   Edward Linden, J.O. Taylor, Vernon Walker
  • Edited by   Ted Cheesman
  • Assistant Directing by   William Cody, Walter Daniels, Ivan Thomas
  • Special Effects by   Willis O'Brien, Harry Redmond Jr., Harry Redmond Sr.


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Weapons, Vehicles, and Races


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Alternate Titles

  • The Son of King Kong (O Filho de King Kong; Brazil)
  • King Kong's Son (King Kongs Sohn; Germany)
  • The Son of Kong (El hijo de Kong; Spain and Mexico)
  • Kong's Son (Kongin poika; Finland)
  • Revenge of Kong (コングの復讐,   Kongu no Fukushū, Japan)

Theatrical Releases

  • United States - December 22, 1933
  • Mexico - May 17, 1934
  • Netherlands - July 20, 1934
  • Sweden - October 27, 1934
  • Japan - December 1934
  • Finland - December 9, 1934
  • Portugal - May 6, 1936

Box Office

Son of Kong had a budget of $269,000, less than half the budget of King Kong, and grossed $1,342,880 in the United States.


Son of Kong received mostly negative reception upon release, and was criticized as a rushed cash-in on the success of King Kong, due to its short 69 minute runtime and several recycled elements from the previous film.

Video Releases

Warner Bros. DVD (2005)

  • Region: 1
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: English (1.0 Mono)
  • Special Features: Trailer
  • Notes: Also packaged with King Kong (1933).

Warner Bros. Blu-ray (2015/2017)

  • Region: A/1
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: English (1.0 Mono), Spanish (1.0 Mono)
  • Special Features: Trailer
  • Notes: Includes French and Spanish subtitles. Also packaged with Mighty Joe Young, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and Them!, or King Kong (1933).


Son of Kong trailer
"Kiko vs. Cave Bear" clip

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4 months ago
Score 0
Kiko vs minlla Please

Makuta The shadow king 18

3 months ago
Score 0
kiko wins minya was defeated by gabara and kamacuras one of the weakest monsters in the godzilla franchise

Toa Hydros

26 months ago
Score 0

My Thoughts: Son of Kong

Though not even remotely in the same league as its predecessor, this is still very much an underrated film.

The stop motion is a bit choppy compared to the first film, but given the time and budget constraints O'Brian and company were under, it is still very well done. I especially love Kiko's fight against the Cave Bear; though not as spectacular as Kong's battle with the Tyrannosaurus, it's nonetheless a very cool scene. Kiko himself is very likable too; much like Kong before him, he is given a genuine character: bright-eyed and curious, but just as much a scrapper as his old man. Ya taking notes Minilla?!

The human characters, for the most part, are also decent: Carl Denham, is given a chance to further develop his character, while Hilda is also pretty likable. Helstrom is fairly weak as far as villains go, but he doesn't take up too much screen time.

In the end, Son of Kong isn't the masterpiece its predecessor was, but it is very entertaining nonetheless. I say give it a chance.

The Boy Who Cried Godzilla

28 months ago
Score 0
Musical Monkeys are the best kaiju ever conceived by man


37 months ago
Score 0

While this one isn't much spoken of. I do like the portrayal of Carl Denham as being more sympathetic than in the original.

Also Hilda I seem to like more than Ann. Now this film is a bit much more lighter than compare to it's more serious-tone predecessor, but it doesn't detract much. And there is good action.

Overall, it's a decent but enjoyable film. But it still pales in comparison to the original one.
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