King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon from Fay Wray to Peter Jackson

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King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon from Fay Wray to Peter Jackson
King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon from Fay Wray to Peter Jackson
Author(s) Ray Morton
Publisher Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
Publish date November 1, 2005
Pages 350
Dimensions 8.5 x 0.8 x 11 inches
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 1557836698
ISBN-13: 978-1557836694

King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon from Fay Wray to Peter Jackson is a 2005 informational book that details the entirety of the King Kong franchise from 1933 to 2005.


The book was published by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books on November 1, 2005 to tie-in with Peter Jackson's King Kong.

The book contains information on the development of the original, 1976 and 2005 versions of King Kong, the King Kong cartoons, Toho's two films starring the ape, unproduced Kong projects and an overview of merchandise for the monster, among other topics.


He is one of the most amazing, popular, and iconic characters in the history of motion pictures. His 1933 debut was a legendary piece of pure cinema - simultaneously a terrifying monster movie, epic fairy tale, tragic love story, and deeply resonant cultural myth. His name is King Kong. Ray Morton's King Kong - The History of a Movie Icon is the first book to chronicle the making of all seven feature films in which the character of Kong has appeared, including the hotly anticipated Peter Jackson version. It is generously illustrated with photographs, production art, and promotional materials from the author's extensive private collection. Morton has interviewed the surviving members of each major film. A colorful overview of the tremendous amount of collectible Kong merchandise is also on view for all the fans of Kongdom to devour.


  • Acknowledgements (p. ix)
  • Introduction (p. 1)
  • Chapter 1: The Father of Kong (p. 4)
  • Chapter 2: "It Was Beauty Killed the Beast": The Making of King Kong (p. 10)
  • Chapter 3: "Some Baby": The Making of The Son of Kong (p. 88)
  • Chapter 4: King Kong Goes to Japan: The Making of King Kong Versus Godzilla and King Kong Escapes (p. 116)
  • Chapter 5: "Here's to the Big One": The Making of Dino De Laurentiis's King Kong (p. 142)
  • Chapter 6: "You Are Dealing with a Lady": The Making of King Kong Lives (p. 234)
  • Chapter 7: The Kongs That Never Were (p. 286)
  • Chapter 8: The Sons of Kong (p. 292)
  • Chapter 9: The Collectible Kong (p. 304)
  • Chapter 10: The Return of the King: Peter Jackson's King Kong (p. 316)
  • Bibliography (p. 331)
  • Index (p. 335)



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