Novel Version: Godzilla Minus One (2023)

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Novel Version: Godzilla Minus One
Novel Version: Godzilla Minus One
Author(s) Takashi Yamazaki
Cover by Shizuka "Woody" Seki
Publisher Shueisha
Publish date November 8, 2023
Pages 196
ISBN ISBN-10: 4086805251
ISBN-13: 978-4-08-680525-4
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Novel Version: Godzilla Minus One (小説版 ゴジラ-1.0 (マイナスワン),   Shōsetsu-ban: Gojira Mainasu Wan) is a novelization of the 2023 film Godzilla Minus One, written by its director Takashi Yamazaki.


Director Takashi Yamazaki has adapted the movie Godzilla Minus One, which commemorates Godzilla's 70th anniversary, into a novel!!
A novel version that allows you to enjoy the movie even more deeply!

Koichi Shikishima, who survived the war but lost his parents, meets Noriko Oishi, who lives alone and strong in desolate Tokyo. People stand up to rebuild Japan, which has been reduced to scorched earth, but a gigantic, unknown monster suddenly appears before them...!! Is there any way for these nameless people who were left behind to survive and resist?

Also includes color pinups![1]

Differences from the film

  • The military repairmen on Odo Island initially view Koichi Shikishima with suspicion, as the runway there is so heavily damaged that he would be unable to take off from it after landing.[2]
  • The repairmen use the surfaced deep-sea fish to make hotpot, "a specialty of Odo Island," and their acceptance of him despite his avoidance of a kamikaze mission brings Shikishima to tears.[3] A repairman explains that the fish rush to the surface in a panic when Godzilla stirs and consequently kill themselves, foreshadowing Operation Wada Tsumi.[4]
  • Shikishima's nightmare after starting his minesweeper job is extended. Prior to Godzilla's appearance, the mechanics line up in the ruins of the command post; from their complexion, he realizes they are ghosts. Sosaku Tachibana demands to know why he's still alive, and Tadayuki Saito answers that he's a coward.[5]
  • The nuclear detonation responsible for mutating Godzilla is specified as Baker, the second of the two tests of Operation Crossroads.[6] Only his regeneration allows him to survive exposure to the test. He then mutates as a result of his regeneration attempting to restore him to his original state, but going out of control due to the large amounts of radioactive material. It is explicitly stated that as he regenerates, Godzilla recognizes that human beings are responsible and he purposefully directs his anger towards them.[7]
  • Godzilla's atomic breath is stated to be so hot that it can sublime solids directly into gases, as he demonstrates against the Takao,[8] as well as the National Diet Building and its surroundings.[9]
  • During the panic of Godzilla's arrival in Ginza, a car crashes into a light pole. A person also gets caught in an exit door due to the masses of people pouring out.[10] Fleeing citizens fall into the river below after Godzilla's weight causes the Sukiyabashi Bridge to buckle, and more people are crushed when the bridge's pieces fall on them.[11]
  • Godzilla's roar acts somewhat like a shockwave, causing the windows of Noriko Oishi's train to shake.[12]
  • One of the announcers reporting on the Ginza attack, identified as Tokuda, compares the destruction to the Great Tokyo Air Raid.[13]
  • In Ginza, Godzilla does not roar up at the mushroom cloud resulting from his atomic breath and instead stands still for a moment before moving onward.[14]
  • Officials directly link Godzilla's radiation to the atomic bomb tests conducted in the Bikini Atoll.[15]
  • The letter that Shikishima sent to Tachibana's comrades to draw him out of hiding is printed in full; in it, he accuses Tachibana of "recklessly" firing on an American ship, then fleeing into the mountains during the ensuing counterattack.[16]
  • The recording of Godzilla's roar used to lure him to Sagami Bay was found in the ruins of Ginza, made by one of the reporters he killed.[17]
  • When those present for Godzilla's defeat begin saluting, it is explained that they are saluting Godzilla himself, possibly out of remorse for humanity's role in mutating him.[18]


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