LIFE "Godzilla"

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LIFE "Godzilla"
LIFE Godzilla
Edited by
  • Kostya Kennedy (director)
  • J. I. Baker
  • Joel Van Liew
  • Emily Joshu2021
Written by
  • J. I. Baker
  • Amy Lennard Goehner
  • Elizabeth Bland2021
Design by
  • Dean Abatemarco
  • Sandra Jurevics
Publisher LIFE Books
Publish date
  • May 31, 2019
  • March 19, 2021 (revised)
  • February 22, 2023 (first reissue)
  • January 1, 2024 (second reissue)
Pages 96
ISBN ISBN-10: 1547853832
ISBN-13: 978-1547853830

"Godzilla" is the 15th issue of volume 19 of LIFE magazine. It was published by LIFE Books on May 31, 2019, with a revised "2021 Edition" published on March 19, 2021 and two reissues published on February 22, 2023 and January 1, 2024.


The formidable Godzilla has taken the world by storm for over 60 years, and now he’s back to fight King Kong. This special edition of LIFE explores the origins of the king of monsters, a detailed timeline of his cinematic appearances, and a first look at his long awaited face off with King Kong.


  • Run! It's Godzilla (p. 4)
  • The Birth of the Monster (p. 6)
  • Godzilla's Many Lives (p. 34)
  • Godzilla Goes to Hollywood (p. 64)
  • Godzilla Filmography (p. 90)
  • Just One More (p. 96) [changed to Couch Lizard in the 2023 reissue]

Inaccuracies and inconsistencies

This issue contains multiple inaccuracies, ranging from statistics and years to images and captions.


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