Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Books

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Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book
Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book wordmark
Author(s) Osamu Kishikawa
(planning and organizing)[1]
Publisher Dai Nippon Publishing[1]
Publish date November 10, 2017-
Genre Pictorial; production

Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book (東宝特撮 公式ヴィジュアル・ブック,   Tōhō Tokusatsu Kōshiki Vijuaru Bukku) is a series of pictorial books published by Dai Nippon Printing[1] and distributed by the Godzilla Store which cover the conceptualization and production aspects of kaiju from Toho's library of films, with each volume focusing on a different character. The volumes are released in waves, two at a time.


All volumes are published by Dai Nippon Printing. Read from left to right, each volume is 36 pages long and printed on A4 size paper.[1] The books were planned and organized by Osamu Kishikawa and designed by Makena Graphics.[1]


Cover Volume no. Subject Previews Publish date Store page
Visual Book 1.png
1 Godzilla 1954 2017/11/10[2] gGSG0620002
Visual Book 5.png
2 Godzilla 2016 gGSG0620003
Visual Book 9.png
3 Godzilla 1962 2017/12/05[3] gGSG0620004
Visual Book 12.png
4 Biollante gGSG0620005
Visual Book 15.png
5 Godzilla 1984 2018/01/14[4] gGSG0620006
Visual Book 18.png
6 Jet Jaguar gGSG0620007
Visual Book 21.jpg
7 Mechagodzilla 1974 2018/02/15[5] gGSG0620009
Visual Book 24.png
8 Gigan 1972 gGSG0620010
Visual Book Volume 9.jpg
9 Rodan 1956 2018/03/24 gGSG0620011
Visual Book Volume 10.jpg
10 Mechagodzilla 2002 gGSG0620012
Visual Book Volume 11.jpg
11 Godzilla 2001 2018/04/13 gGSG0620013
Visual Book Volume 12.jpg
12 Varan 1958 gGSG0620014
Visual Book Volume 13.jpg
13 Godzilla 1995 2018/05/18 gGSG0620015
Visual Book Volume 14.jpg
14 Hedorah 1971 gGSG0620016
Visual Book Volume 15.jpg
15 Godzilla 2004 2018/06/15 gGSG0620017
Visual Book Volume 16.jpg
16 Ebirah 1966 gGSG0620018
Visual Book Volume 17.jpg
17 SpaceGodzilla 1994 2018/07/13 gGSG0620019
Visual Book Volume 18.jpg
18 Anguirus 1955 gGSG0620020
Visual Book Volume 19.jpg
19 Godzilla 1955 2018/09/14 gGSG0620025
Visual Book Volume 20.jpg
20 King Ghidorah 1964 gGSG0620026
Visual Book Volume 21.jpg
21 Godzilla 1999 2018/10/25 gGSG0620027
Visual Book Volume 22.jpg
22 Mothra 1961 gGSG0620028
Visual Book Volume 23.png
23 Gorosaurus 1967 2018/12/15 gGSG0620037
Visual Book Volume 24.png
24 Godzilla 1993 2019/01/10 gGSG0620039
Visual Book Volume 25.png
25 Mechagodzilla 1993 gGSG0620040
Visual Book Volume 26.png
26 Godzilla 1965 2019/02/08 gGSG0620041
Visual Book Volume 27.png
27 Titanosaurus gGSG0620042
Visual Book Volume 28.png
28 Sanda, Gaira 2019/03/22 gGSG0620043
Visual Book Volume 29.png
29 Mothra 1964 2019/04/26 gGSG0620045
Visual Book Volume 30.png
30 Mothra 1992 gGSG0620046
Visual Book Volume 31.jpg
31 Moguera 1957 2019/07/12 gGSG0620049
Visual Book Volume 32.jpg
32 Megaguirus gGSG0620050
Visual Book Volume 33.jpg
33 Godzilla 1989 2019/08/23 gGSG0620051
Visual Book Volume 34.jpg
34 Maguma gGSG0620052
Visual Book Volume 35.png
35 Mothra 1996 2019/09/13 gGSG0620053
Visual Book Volume 36.png
36 Orga gGSG0620054
Visual Book Volume 37.jpg
37 Godzilla 1967 2019/11/29 gGSG0620059
Visual Book Volume 38.jpg
38 Dogora gGSG0620060
Visual Book Volume 39.jpg
39 Megalon 2019/12/27 gGSG0620061
Visual Book Volume 40.jpg
40 Godzilla 1964 gGSG0620062
Visual Book Volume 41.png
41 Mechagodzilla 1975 2020/02/04 gGSG0620063
Visual Book Volume 42.png
42 Gabara gGSG0620064
Visual Book Volume 43.jpg
43 Godzilla 1974 2020/02/20 gGSG0620065
Visual Book Volume 44.jpg
44 King Caesar gGSG0620066
Visual Book Volume 45.png
45 Godzilla 1991 2020/03/20 gGSG0620067
Visual Book Volume 46.png
46 King Ghidorah 1991 gGSG0620068
Visual Book Volume 47.png
47 Frankenstein's Monster 2020/04/10 gGSG0620069
Visual Book Volume 48.png
48 Matango gGSG0620070
Visual Book Volume 49.png
49 Godzilla 1994 2020/05/15 gGSG0620071
Visual Book Volume 50.png
50 Battra gGSG0620072
Visual Book Volume 51.png
51 Giant Octopus 1962-1966 2020/06/12 gGSG0620073
Visual Book Volume 52.png
52 Gezora, Ganimes, Kamoebas gGSG0620074
Visual Book Volume 53.png
53 Godzilla 2002 2020/07/10 gGSG0620075
Visual Book Volume 54.png
54 Destoroyah gGSG0620076
Extra (EX)
Visual Book EX Volume 1.jpg
1 "Super X" Series 2018/07/27 gGSG0620021
Visual Book EX Volume 2.jpg
2 Hideyo Amamoto 1967 gGSG0620022
Visual Book EX Volume 3.jpg
3 Eiji Tsuburaya 1954-1969 2018/12/07 gGSG0620038
Visual Book EX Volume 4.jpg
4 Maser Cannons Type 66 2019/03/22 gGSG0620044
Visual Book EX Volume 5.jpg
5 Gotengo 1963 2019/06/14 gGSG0620047
Visual Book EX Volume 6.jpg
6 Gotengo 2004 gGSG0620048
Visual Book EX Volume 7.png
7 Akira Takarada 2019/10/25 gGSG0620057
Visual Book EX Volume 8.png
8 Gohten 1977 gGSG0620058
Visual Book Mini.jpg
Mini Kure Kure Takora 2018/07/22 N/A


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3 months ago
Score 0
That last image for the Godzilla 1994 book looks like Godzilla's taking a nap on SpaceGodzilla


3 months ago
Score 0
And SpaceGodzilla looks cool with it.

Keizer Zilla

15 months ago
Score 0
These are really cool, Just by giving us really good quality photos of the suits!


15 months ago
Score 0
I really hope they made one for Destoroyah


19 months ago
Score 0
They're doing books for Godzilla and Mechagodzilla 1993, super excited!
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