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Akira Takarada
Akira Takarada with Godzilla at the Japanese premiere of Godzilla (2014)
Character(s) Played Hideo Ogata, Takeshi Iijima, Ichirō Sakai, K. Fuji, Yoshimura, Jirō Nomura, Jōji Minamino, Natarō Daigo
Birthday April 29, 1934
Birthplace Chongjin, Korea
First Work Godzilla (1954)
Notable Work Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966)
Being a newcomer, I formally introduced myself on the set: 'My name is Akira Takarada. I'll be playing the lead. Pleased to meet you all,' in a very loud voice. The head lighting technician at the studio said, 'Idiot! You're not the lead. The lead actor is Godzilla.' I said, 'Yes, of course.' He'd put me in my place. „ 

— Akira Takarada, recalling the filming of Godzilla (1954)

Akira Takarada (宝田明,   Takarada Akira?) is a Japanese actor best-known among kaiju fans for playing Hideo Ogata in Godzilla (1954). He is one of three actors to appear in Godzilla films from the Showa, Heisei, and Millennium eras, along with Kenji Sahara and Hiroshi Koizumi. He was also the first actor from the Toho Godzilla series to be cast in an American Godzilla film, portraying a Japanese immigration official in one of the first scenes shot for Godzilla (2014), although his scene was ultimately cut from the film. In recent years, he has become a frequent guest at American science-fiction conventions.

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Takarada performing "Prince Ali (Reprise)" from the Japanese dub of Aladdin (1992) as Jafar
Takarada introduces Godzilla (1954) at the Pickwick Theater during G-Fest XVII in 2010
Takarada publicly requesting a role in Godzilla (2014) at G-Fest XVII in 2010
Dallas Comic Con panel (2014)
Anime Boston panel with Haruo Nakajima (2015)
G-FEST XIX panel with Bin Furuya (2016)

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