Koichi Ueda

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Koichi Ueda
A picture of Koichi Ueda
Character(s) played General Hyodo, Lagos Island Soldier Ikehata, Marutomo Employee, Aquarium Watchman, Tokai Power Plant Director, Government Official, Village Headman, Dobashi, Gotengo Crew Member
Birthday April 2, 1941
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
First work Koko dai panikku
Notable work Godzilla vs. Biollante

Koichi Ueda (上田耕一,   Ueda Kōichi), born Koichi Yamashita (山下 耕一,   Yamashita Kōichi), is a Japanese actor and voice actor that has appeared in numerous film and television productions. Ueda made an appearance in twelve consecutive Toho Godzilla films from Godzilla vs. Biollante to Godzilla: Final Wars.

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