Yukiko Kobayashi

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Yukiko Kobayashi
Yukiko Kobayashi as Kyoko Manabe in Destroy All Monsters
Born October 6, 1946
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actress
First work Oyome ni Oide (1966)
Notable work Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Yukiko Kobayashi (小林夕岐子,   Kobayashi Yukiko) is a former Japanese actress. She made her acting debut in Ishiro Honda's Oyome ni Oide in 1966, and went on to appear in two of the director's tokusatsu films for Toho, Destroy All Monsters in 1968 and Space Amoeba in 1970. Kobayashi also played the title role in The Vampire Doll, the first entry in director Michio Yamamoto's Bloodthirsty Trilogy. Kobayashi formally retired from acting in 1974 due to illness, but returned to appear in The Great Buddha Arrival in 2019 alongside a number of other golden age stars.[1] To this day she remains popular among fans of tokusatsu productions from the Showa era.

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