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Craig Allen
Craig Allen at Shanghai Studio in the 1990s
Born 1960[1]
Occupation Copywriter, former film dubber
Notable work Godzilla, Mothra and King
Ghidorah: Giant Monsters
All-Out Attack
(2001) [dub]

Craig H. Allen,[2] also known by the internet psuedonym Joe Tofu (jokingly Joseph Xavier Tofu III),[3] is an American copywriter and former film dubber. Graduating from the University of North Texas, he got his start as a news reader for KERA. He moved to China in the 1980s after a trip there years earlier inspired a love of the country in him. After a stint as an English teacher at a university, he returned to the United States to serve as music director for KERA, but moved back to China in 1993.[1] Allen was employed by Rik Thomas' dubbing firm Omni Productions in Hong Kong in October of 1995[4] after responding to a flyer on a supermarket bulletin board.[1] He provided his voice for English dubs of several of Toho's tokusatsu films, at least four of which were through Omni.[5] Among his roles, he notably voiced Akira Yuki in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, Director Kunimoto in vs. Destoroyah, Taizo Tachibana in GMK, and Professor Yuhara in Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. Allen's final contribution to the Godzilla series was in Tokyo SOS, retiring from film dubbing with his departure from Hong Kong in 2004. He has described himself as a lifelong Godzilla fan, and named his role in vs. SpaceGodzilla as his favorite of the series.[1]

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2021 Kaiju Masterclass panel
Compilation of Craig Allen's Godzilla roles

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