Masakatsu Asai

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Masakatsu Asai
Masakatsu Asai with the head of the first Godzilla suit in 1954
Occupation Director, cinematographer, manager of Toho's Special Technology Division[1]
First work Godzilla (1954)
Notable work King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

Masakatsu Asai (浅井 正勝,   Asai Masakatsu) is a Japanese assistant director and cameraman who worked for Toho since the 1950s. He served as the 1st AD under Eiji Tsuburaya on numerous of the company's classic tokusatsu films until 1962, after which he was succeeded by Teruyoshi Nakano. Because assistant special effects directors were not credited until Matango in 1963, Asai never received a single credit. Though he did not work on any further films, he continued to be employed at Toho, and by 1970 was the manager of the company's Special Technology Division.[1]

Selected filmography

1st assistant director of special effects


  • Godzilla (1954) - Assistant special effects cinematographer [uncredited]
  • Varan (1958) - Assistant director of special effects [uncredited]


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