Masao Yagi

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Masao Yagi
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Born October 12, 1926
Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan[1]
Died July 31, 2008 (aged 82)[1]
Occupation Modeler, special effects director
First work Godzilla (1954)[1]
Notable work Gamera the Giant Monster (1965)
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Masao Yagi (八木 正夫,   Yagi Masao) was a Japanese special effects modeler and director, and the president of Ex Productions (ExPro). The son and nephew of brothers Kanju and Yasuei Yagi, respectively, Masao began his career as a part-timer in Teizo Toshimitsu's modeling department on the original Godzilla.[2] After working together on Daiei's Gamera the Giant Monster, he, Keizo Murase, and Toru Suzuki founded ExPro, which would create monster props for numerous companies in both Japan and abroad. In the late 1960s, he personally directed the effects for the Korean movie Yongary, Monster from the Deep and the Hong Kong movie Feng Shen Bang. Yagi passed away due to emphysema on July 31, 2008,[1] but is survived by his son Tsutomu, who continues to run ExPro to this day.

Selected filmography


Director of special effects


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