Kazuo Sagawa

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Kazuo Sagawa
Kazuo Sagawa circa 2011
Born October 29, 1939
Occupation Special effects director
First work Monkey Sun (1959)
Notable work Ultra Series (until 2002),
Mighty Jack (TV 1968)
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Kazuo Sagawa (佐川 和夫,   Sagawa Kazuo) is a Japanese special effects director best recognized for his work with Tsuburaya Productions and Toei. A student of Eiji Tsuburaya since 1959, Sagawa was an immediate employee of Tsuburaya Productions upon its foundation in 1963. He worked first as a cameraman, making his debut as a special effects director on the fourth episode of TsuPro's Mighty Jack. Sagawa notably directed effects for eight shows in the Ultraman Series over a span of three decades, as well as numerous other Tsuburaya series. Between 1979 and 1996, he worked on five productions for Toei, including the third and fourth entries in the Super Sentai franchise and the standalone series Changerion. He has also directed the effects for several foreign co-productions.

Selected filmography

Assistant special effects cinematographer

Special effects cinematographer


Director of special effects



  • Tokyo Blackout (1987) - Special effects supervisor [with Takeshi Miyanishi]



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