The Visitor

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The Visitor
The Visitor concept art
Species Alien
Planned for Godzilla: Unleashed

The Visitor is an unused kaiju from the 2007 Godzilla game Godzilla: Unleashed. It was one of four contestants in an IGN readers' poll to determine the game's final roster spot, along with Lightning Bug, Fire Lion, and the winner Obsidius (then known as Magmouth).

Proposed bio

In their bid to retake earth, the Vortaak aliens have conscripted a new secret weapon into their arsenal of monsters. The Visitor is a feral alien creature captured from its home planet by the Vortaak with the intent of turning it loose on mankind.[1]


Modeler/animator Chris Chin explained, "The Visitor was inspired from the two existing alien monsters, Gigan and Orga, possessing a similar outer world look. The Visitor is native to an extremely harsh, mountainous planet and has four hooked claw appendages protruding from the creature’s spinal column. Reminiscent of the older Gigan's hook arms, these limbs are used as weapons as well as tools for digging and climbing. The overly-exaggerated maw filled with dagger-like teeth was taken from Orga's later form when he tried to consume Godzilla. This fearsome mouth is convenient considering the Visitor’s diet of gargantuan space worms which live in the planet's crust. These worms consume various sorts of unknown alien minerals which provide the Visitor with a nearly indestructible skeletal structure."[1]


Physical abilities

The Visitor favors its jaws and crab-like limbs in hand-to-hand combat.


The Visitor's cranium can emit a shockwave called the Brainspasm.



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