The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch

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The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch
Concept art of the Invisible Man and Human Torch
Planned May 30, 1975 (first draft),[1]
October 24, 1975 (second draft)[1]
Intended release 1976[1][2]
Concept history The Dreadful Human Torch
The Human TorchThe Invisible
Man vs. The Human Torch
The first installment in the Mysterious Human Series! A cruel revenge, with bodies enveloped by bitter flames one after the next! Pursued by a detective who was made invisible by a cyclotron!

— The film's tagline, as advertised in Toho's 1976 release line-up[1]

The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch (透明人間対火焔人間,   Tōmei Ningen tai Kaen Ningen) is an unmade 1976 film intended to have been directed by Jun Fukuda.[2]


A police detective who was transformed into an Invisible Man by a cyclotron must track down the superhuman criminal known as the Human Torch—and come to grips with his true identity as the man's best friend.[2]


Following producer Tomoyuki Tanaka's proposal for a "Mysterious Human Series" in 1973, featuring movies centered around a "Human Torch" and "Invisible Man," screenwriter Masahiro Kakefuda combined the two concepts into a single project: The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch.[2] Like Kakefuda's first attempt at adapting the Human Torch proposal in 1974, Jun Fukuda was attached to direct with Tomoyuki and Fumio Tanaka serving as producers.[1] However, the film's story was altered significantly to incorporate the Invisible Man, converting it into something of an urban crime drama.[2]

Kakefuda's first draft, submitted May 30, 1975,[1] introduced guns, police, a nightclub secretly operating as a criminal stronghold, and an extravagant shootout scene, all of which were not present in his screenplay for The Human Torch.[2] However, his first draft for The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch suffered from several issues, such as parts being inconsistent or disorganized, and the Invisible Man barely utilizing his powers.[2] Jun Fukuda helped revise the treatment, and the pair submitted a second draft by October 24.[1]

Because of the significant amount of work which had been put into the project, Toho announced The Invisible Man vs. The Human Torch as part of their 1976 film line-up in December of 1975. However, as plans materialized for a resurrection of the Godzilla series and a tokusatsu co-production with Hammer Film Productions, the film was shelved indefinitely.[2] Though Hammer's Nessie also never came to fruition, a new series of Godzilla films was finally kickstarted in 1984 with The Return of Godzilla.


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