Batman Meets Godzilla

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Batman Meets Godzilla
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Alternate titles Batman vs. Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Batman
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Batman Meets Godzilla is an unmade Godzilla film. It was intended to be a collaboration between Toho and Greenway Productions. Two separate treatments exist, one by Shinichi Sekizawa and the other by an unknown American author; the former was titled Batman vs. Godzilla (バットマン対ゴジラ,   Battoman tai Gojira).[1] The American treatment is available at the American Heritage Center in the University of Wyoming, as part of a collection of papers belonging to Batman producer William Dozier.[2]


Barbara Gordon and her father, Commissioner Gordon, are taking a boat across the Far East when one of Barbara's friends from Vassar, Reiko Hammamoto, appears. Eventually, a tidal wave capsizes their boat that was seemingly caused by Klaus Finster, a German meteorologist who, after 20 years of being holed up in Argentina, has migrated to Japan, and now has a secret lair underneath Mount Fuji. The mad Finster claims to have a weather machine that he'll use to destroy Japan unless given 20 million dollars worth of gold. Gordon realizes there are only two men for this job; the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder themselves, Batman and Robin.

Unknown to the Dynamic Duo and their allies, Finster doesn't have control over the weather, but actually has control over Godzilla. Finster uses his control to make the giant reptile leave the Mariana Trench and head towards Japan once more. Batman and Robin, after battling a robotic copy of their ally Count Draidl, meet with Gordon and the Japanese police. Batman, having suspicions of Godzilla's involvement, watches footage of the beast's battle with King Kong to make sure he's right.

A waiting game ensues, and when a kabuki show turns into a sword fight, Reiko is revealed to be one of Finster's spy robots after an accidental decapitation. Batman and Robin give chase to Finster, and the duo are trapped in a poison gas chamber that was disguised as a taxi cab. Barbara, now having donned the Batgirl attire, frees them with a pocket-sized blowtorch. After a chase through a Japanese bathhouse, they finally encounter Godzilla; this first time is a turbulent recon mission in the Batcopter.

The mission causes Batman to go into a state of nervous agitation, and they take a bullet train to Osaka when word arrives that the city is Finster's next target. They eventually devise a plan; lure Godzilla with a mating call and knock the giant out with explosives. After this, he surveys the Japanese people, who unanimously vote to send the creature into space.

With their plan in place, and after a chase and fight with Klaus Finster that ends with the mad scientist falling to his death, Batman, Robin and Batgirl all engage Godzilla with their vehicles, with the giant beast grabbing Batgirl during the fight. Batman, unflinchingly, uses the call anyway, causing Godzilla to throw Barbara Gordon away, with the young woman landing all the way at the Daibutsu Buddha. Batman scales Godzilla and plants the bomb on his neck, tying it to the beast with Batrope before he moves to safety and detonates it, knocking the beast out.

Japanese scientists build a rocket around Godzilla while he is unconscious, before ultimately launching the rocket into orbit above the Earth's surface, with Godzilla forever contained within.


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