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Some monsters were conceptualized to appear in Dark Horse's Godzilla comics, but never used. They were designed by artist Stephen Bissette during development on Godzilla, King of the Monsters Special in 1987. They were conceived as stand-ins for Godzilla's popular co-stars from the Toho films, but were ultimately either reworked or scrapped entirely. Concept art for all three creatures is dated January of 1987.

Great Turtle

The Great Turtle is described in concept art as an "'Angurus/Anzilla' archetype," referencing two outdated English names for Anguirus. The creature resembles a cross between a turtle, a mole, and an insect, with a spiked carapace directly inspired by Anguirus. It has "shovel-like" jaws and a snapping turtle-like head, and massive mole cricket-inspired foreclaws designed for digging and "front wheel drive," multiple layers of claws on its hind feet, and an insect-like stinger on the tip of its tail. Notes on the concept art state that it is an "Earth elemental" and grows from a piece of flesh found in a "bugnest" at an excavation site. The Great Turtle was reworked into the monster Kamerus, which appears only in flashbacks within the finished comic and later in a vision in Godzilla #12. The final Kamerus design is more directly based on a turtle, with the spikes on its shell being limited to its outer rim only.

'Mothra' character

Concept art for the "'Mothra' character" includes its imago and larval stages. This art notes that its imago stage is based on the death's-head sphinx moth in contrast to how Mothra herself is patterned after the Polyphemus moth. The decision to base the imago after the death's-head moth is attributed to the streamlined and swift anatomy of sphinx moths. It is noted to possess the feathery antennae typical of male moths, despite being female like Mothra herself. The "death's-head" skull pattern also appears on the imago's forehead as well as its back, and it is stated to possess a large amount of fur on its face, legs, and wings. The concept art includes a note to rework its wing patterns.

The larval stage is based on that of a lobster moth or puss moth, though it retains the face of Mothra's larval stage with a note that it possesses more functional mouthparts. It possesses four pairs of rear "suction legs" and two pairs of "pincer legs" in the front. Though this creature does not appear in Godzilla, King of the Monsters Special, the comic does feature an insect monster called Inagos which may still take inspiration from Mothra.

Dragon/hydra from space

The "Dragon/hydra from space" is described as a "Ghidrah archetype," referencing a now-outdated English name for King Ghidorah. The creature retains the basic shape of King Ghidorah, with three heads, two wings, two tails, and two hind legs. In contrast to King Ghidorah's bulky, massive frame, the creature is described as possessing a "lithe, serpentine body." It also possesses a pair of clawed, mantis-like forelimbs for mobility on the ground and the seizing of prey. It can move on the ground using its fore and hind limbs as well as the talons on its wings, effectively making it walk on six limbs like an insect. It can also stand erect on its hind limbs like King Ghidorah himself. It has venomous spurs on its knees and ankles and "veined, batlike wings." Its tails are described as prehensile and very dexterous, and can be used like tentacles to seize prey and aid movement. A sketch of the creature from above showing it in flight demonstrates its massive wingspan.


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