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Liopleurodon and Kamoebas concept art
Species Pliosaur of the genus Liopleurodon
Planned for Godzilla: Tokyo SOS
Concept history LiopleurodonAnguirus

The Liopleurodon (リオプレウロドン,   Riopureurodon) is an unused creature from the 2003 Godzilla film Godzilla: Tokyo SOS.


Liopleurodon is an extinct genus of pliosaur which lived during the Middle Jurassic Period. Its name is applied to the scrapped Godzilla: Tokyo SOS creature in Shinji Nishikawa: Drawing Book of Godzilla.


The Liopleurodon's concept art depicts it with a smooth, white underbody and a darker-colored pattern on the top of its body. It had a row of sharp teeth, as well as large crocodilian jaws and four fins.


Godzilla: Tokyo SOS

The Liopleurodon would have washed ashore, killed by Godzilla. The carcass would be investigated by the AMF and it would be determined that Godzilla had killed it.

During the planning of Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, Toho decided to replace the Liopleurodon with an existing kaiju rather than introduce a new creature just for it to appear as a corpse. Director Masaaki Tezuka requested Anguirus, but producer Shogo Tomiyama relented,[1] wanting to keep the monster alive for possible use in a sequel.[2] Tezuka's follow-up proposal was Gamera, to which Toho countered with the only turtle kaiju they had the rights to: Kamoebas from Space Amoeba.


  • Pliosaurs made a brief appearance in the graphic novel Godzilla Dominion (2021), although it is unclear if the species featured are meant to be Liopleurodon.
Promotional image for Hungry Shark Evolution featuring Sharkjira and Leo
  • A Liopleurodon called Leo appears in the mobile game Hungry Shark Evolution, a game which also includes a shark based on Godzilla called Sharkjira, as well as a Mecha Sharkjira based on Mechagodzilla.

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