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Zedus in Gamera the Brave
Subtitle(s) Giant Creature
(巨大生物,   Kyodai Seibutsu)[1]
Sea Demon Beast
(海魔獣,   Kai Majū)[2]
Species Mutated amphibious reptile
Height 30 meters (Shima appearance)[3]
50 meters (Nagoya appearance)[3]
Length 90 meters (Shima appearance)[3]
150 meters (Nagoya appearance)[3]
Weight 1,200 metric tons (Shima appearance)[3]
2,000 metric tons (Nagoya appearance)[3]
Enemies Toto
Designed by Tomoo Haraguchi, Kan Takahama
Modeled by Shigeaki Ito[4]
Played by Mizuho Yoshida
First appearance Gamera the Brave
More roars

Zedus (ジーダス,   Jīdasu) is a giant sea lizard kaiju who appears in the 2006 Kadokawa Gamera film Gamera the Brave.


According to screenwriter Yukari Tatsui, Zedus was named in-universe by councilor Yoshimitsu Hitotsugi, who had became enamored with kaiju after seeing Avant Gamera's battle with a flock of Gyaos on television as a child, and long contemplated what the next monster Gamera fights should be called.[5][6]:111 The name "Zedus," spelled in Japanese as Jīdasu (ジーダス), is a possible homage to Jirahs from the original Ultraman: another frilled reptile monster whose Japanese name Jirāsu (ジラース) is only one syllable different from Zedus'.


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Originally, the villain of Gamera the Brave was intended to be a squid-like kaiju with tentacles, with its whole body coated with "special nuclear waste bacteria." It would overcome waves of "ice missiles" and evolve a tolerance against them.[7]:61 However, the filmmakers felt this would be too similar to Viras, so it was decided to create an original reptilian monster as Toto's opponent instead. In order to differentiate Zedus from monsters like Barugon and Jiger, it was decided to make him walk bipedally rather than quadrupedally.

Zedus was intentionally designed to be a "Toho-esque" kaiju, with his anatomy and movements modeled after Varan, Gorosaurus, and Barugon, as well as the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park.[8] Tomoo Haraguchi noted that he was the only one who submitted a concept image adhering to this approach, and those by all of the other designers coincidentally resembled the MUTOs from Godzilla (2014).[9]


Zedus is a dark purple and pink-colored monster who resembles an upright theropod dinosaur with a somewhat hunched posture, pebbly skin, and four claws on both his hands and feet. He is covered in long spikes that go from the top of his head, down his back, on the backs of his legs, and down his long, thin tail. His head is large in comparison to the rest of his body, with a muzzle and bright, red eyes. Zedus has a multicolored frill that can pop out from behind his head, and his purple tongue can extend a great distance from his mouth.


Zedus' origins are never explored in his film appearance. However, the book Gamera the Brave Super Complete Works states that Zedus was a type of semi-aquatic lizard that was mutated by feeding on the corpses of Gyaos.[3]


Heisei era

Gamera the Brave

A man-eating monster from the depths of the ocean, Zedus attacked several ships at sea before finally making landfall, causing all sorts of damage. Fortunately for what remained of the city, Toto, the young Gamera found and raised by a young boy, appeared. Zedus unleashed its spear-like tongue on Toto while they battled. After several missed, Toto grabbed the tongue and held on as it pulled back into Zedus's maw. The creature was blasted in the face with a ball of fire, sending the monster into the sea below.

Zedus returned in full force, attacking the complex that Toto was being held in before unleashing his wrath on the rest of Nagoya. The two clashed once again, and like before, Zedus was quickly getting the upper hand. Overpowering the turtle with brutality, the creature tossed Toto into a building. The hero's body now stuck in the building, Zedus began to climb up.

Zedus had no idea that Toto had just been empowered by the jewel that gave him birth and was knocked off of the building by the flying Toto. Quickly getting to his feet, he lashed out with his tongue yet again, this time impaling it through Toto’s shoulder. As the two struggled on, Toto ripped the tongue in half and unleashed a powerful fireball. The ball of flames quickly engulfed the creature and blew it into bloody pieces.


Prehensile Tongue

Zedus' most powerful weapon is his elongated Harpoon Tongue (ハープーン舌,   Hāpūn Jita).[2] It can reach up to 100 meters in length, and can be launched in a spear-like attack which is powerful enough to easily penetrate the edge of Toto's shell or 50 centimeter wide steel plates.[2] The tip of his tongue can emit a strong biological acid.[2] In one of the novelizations, Zedus's tongue was noted to have protrusions which the monster uses to impale and devour multiple human victims at once.[6]:106


According to an anatomy diagram, Zedus can emit a powerful biological acid from his claws and the tip of his tongue, allowing him to penetrate Toto's shell with ease and empower his melee attacks.[2]

Leg muscles

Zedus has powerful muscles on its legs, allowing him to leap up to 200 meters. He can also perform a powerful kick called Brawl Kick (喧嘩キック,   Kenka Kikku).[2]


His tail functions as both a balancer and a rudder to support his movements. It is also a powerful weapon, able to collapse skyscrapers with a blow.[2]


Zedus can leap up to 200 meters by using his powerful legs. He is also agile enough to climb buildings and other structures. He can swim at 70 knots.[2]


Being a mutated aquatic lizard, Zedus is capable of swimming underwater as well as moving on land. Zedus possesses multiple gills on its fins and is able to respirate underwater.[2]


Zedus survived a fireball Toto fired down his throat, although it did cause him to retreat. The warts covering his scales and skins possess rubber-like characteristics, enabling Zedus to repel military weapons such as missiles,[2] although this was never demonstrated in the film.


Zedus, when he was still a normal reptile inhabiting a tropical island, became a monster in a few days after he consumed a piece of meat from an Original Gyaos.[2] The animal instantly grew fins just a moment after licking a Gyaos eyeball.[1]:288 Zedus first appeared at a height of 30 meters when he reached Shima, but after being defeated by Toto he retreated. When he attacked Nagoya the next day,[1]:288 his height, length, and mass had all nearly doubled. One of the Gamera the Brave tie-in novelizations implies that Zedus would continue to evolve physically and potentially develop additional abilities if Toto failed to defeat him in Nagoya.[10]


In one of the Gamera the Brave tie-in novelizations, Zedus spontaneously grew a pair of enormous wings and was able to fly.[1]:282[10][6]:160-161


In one of the Gamera the Brave tie-in novelizations, Zedus demonstrated a capability to lead other Gyaos-mutated kaiju who were initially a disorderly crowd, gathered only for their common goal of slaughtering Gamera.[11][1]:282


As the Original Gyaos "possesses" and "commands" Zedus, Zedus' mind is filled with a malice and a viciousness to exterminate humanity and hatred for Gamera.[2] An anatomy diagram notes that his neck frills produces bioluminescence to threaten an opponent, and his eyes peculiarly glow to stun targets with fear,[2] although neither was demonstrated in the film.

Independently-moving flesh

In one of the Gamera the Brave tie-in novelizations, Zedus's dropped flesh and scales move independently, akin to the Showa Gyaos. Soichiro Amamiya and Yoshimitsu Hitotsugi, who are neutral antagonists in this adaptation, fall into a coma temporarily and lose their memories at the climax by the preserved claws of Zedus, which presumably burst out of a storage box.[1]:282

Video games


Gamera 2006: Hard Link

Zedus makes a brief appearance in this manga, being mentioned by the main characters.


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Zedus' roars



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