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Gamera vs. Jiger
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Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Gamera vs. Giant Demon Beast Jiger (1970)
Flagicon United States.png Gamera vs. Monster X (TV 1970)
See alternate titles
Directed by Noriaki Yuasa
Producer(s) Hidemasa Nagata
Written by Nisan Takahashi
Music by Shunsuke Kikuchi
Distributor Daiei Motion Picture Company, Ltd.JP
American International TelevisionUS
Budget ¥35,000,000[1]
Running time 82 minutes
(1 hour, 22 minutes)
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
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Gamera vs. Jiger (ガメラ対大魔獣ジャイガー,   Gamera tai Daimajū Jaigā, lit. Gamera vs. Giant Demon Beast Jiger) is a 1970 tokusatsu kaiju film produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company and the sixth entry in the Gamera series. It was released to Japanese theaters on March 21, 1970.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Noriaki Yuasa
  • Written by   Nisan Takahashi
  • Produced by   Hidemasa Nagata
  • Music by   Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Cinematography by   Akira Kitazaki
  • Edited by   Zenko Miyazaki
  • Special effects by   Yuzo Kaneko


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Tsutomu Takakuwa   as   Hiroshi Kitayama
  • Kelly Varis   as   Tommy Williams
  • Katherine Murphy   as   Susan Williams
  • Sanshiro Honoo   as   Keisuke Sawada
  • Franz Gruber   as   Dr. Williams
  • Sho Natsuki   as   Dr. Suzuki, National Institute of Science Director
  • Junko Yashiro   as   Miko Kitayama
  • Kon Omura   as   Ryosaku Kitayama
  • Umenosuke Izumi   as   Gamera



Weapons, vehicles, and races


Main article: Gamera vs. Jiger/Gallery.


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Alternate titles

  • Gamera vs. Giant Demon Beast Jiger (literal Japanese title)
  • Gamera vs. Giant Demon Beast X (ガメラ対大魔獣X,   Gamera tai Daimajū Ekkusu, early Japanese title)
  • Gamera vs. Monster X (United States)
  • Gamera Against Jiggar - Frankenstein Demon Threatens the World (Gamera gegen Jiggar – Frankensteins Dämon bedroht die Welt, West Germany) [2]

Theatrical releases

  • Japan - March 21, 1970
  • Italy - 1972
  • West Germany - 1972

U.S. release

The film was released in the United States by AIP-TV in 1970, under the title Gamera vs. Monster X.


Japanese Gamera vs. Jiger trailer
German Gamera vs. Jiger trailer
American Gamera vs. Monster X credits
Italian theatrical credits

Video releases

Shout! Factory DVD (2010)

  • Region: 1
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese (1.0 Mono), English (1.0 Mono)
  • Special Features: Photo galleries
  • Notes: Packaged with Gamera vs. Guiron.

Mill Creek DVD (2014) [Gamera: Legacy Collection]

Mill Creek Blu-ray (2014) [Gamera: Ultimate Collection, Volume 2]


Picture of the 1970 World's Fair
  • Most of the non-kaiju scenes in Gamera vs. Jiger were filmed at the 1970 World's Fair, also called Expo 70, held in Osaka, Japan. In real life the event was held from March 15 to September 13, 1970. A "Godzilla vs. Gamera" stage show was also held during this event in March.
  • Gamera vs. Jiger was released theatrically in Japan on a double bill with the 1970 film Transparent Swordsman (透明剣士,   Tōmeikenshi).
  • This film introduced Jiger, the first female kaiju in the Gamera series. (Gyaos was later portrayed as being able to switch between being male and female in the Heisei trilogy, but was referred to as male in the Showa series).


This is a list of references for Gamera vs. Jiger. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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The Famous Yongary

11 months ago
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Favourite movie.


14 months ago
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Needs soundtrack.

Godzilla 65

18 months ago
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worst Gamera movie ever too much expo 70 and too little Gamera plus guns can hurt Gamera?


18 months ago
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At least it's not bad as Gamera: Super Monster. :)


45 months ago
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I was worried a bit for Gamera in this movie!
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