Wanigon vs. Gamaron (2000)

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Wanigon vs. Gamaron
The title card for Wanigon vs. Gamaron
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Undersea Monster Wanigon vs. Underground Monster Gamaron (2000)

Directed by Ryuji Kii
Producer Hiromi Kii
Written by Sho Midorioka*
Production company Amapro
Distributor Amapro
Running time 5 minutes

Wanigon vs. Gamaron (海底怪獣ワニゴン対地底怪獣ガマロン,   Kaitei Kaijū Wanigon tai Chitei Kaijū Gamaron, lit. "Undersea Monster Wanigon vs. Underground Monster Gamaron") is a 2000 direct-to-video tokusatsu kaiju short film written and directed by Ryuji Kii (the former under his pen name Sho Midorioka[1]). It was produced and released on VHS by Amapro. The titular monsters originated as plastic model kits released by Nitto in 1966, which were in turn based on Barugon and Gamera;[2] Amapro released its own vinyl versions of the characters alongside the film.


Wanigon appears in a city just before Gamaron emerges from a construction site and challenges him. Gamaron leaps over Wanigon, crash-landing into a building and giving Wanigon an opening to charge and impale the monster with his horn. He then uses his head to knock over Gamaron and proceeds to tear out and eat the innards of the frog monster, seemingly killing him. As Wanigon continues to eat the entrails of his foe, Gamaron suddenly jolts back to life, sinking his fangs into Wanigon's neck. Gamaron holds on until Wanigon foams at the mouth and collapses into a nearby building, dead. The victory is short-lived as Gamaron also succumbs to his fatal injury and dies shortly after.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Ryuji Kii
  • Supervised by   Akira Inoue
  • Written by   Sho Midorioka
  • Executive producer   Hiromi Kii
  • Satoru Miki
  • Takayuki Tsuge
  • Masakatsu Yagi
  • Junko Kumanomido
  • Hiromi Toyokawa
  • Naoaki Yoshioka
  • Hiroshi Kanda
  • Nobuaki Ito
  • Satoko Okubo
  • Mayumi Kimura
  • Suit acting by   Daisuke Sato[3]
  • Gen Murata
  • Kazuaki Hashimoto


Wanigon vs. Gamaron was shot on 16mm film.[4]



Video releases

Amapro VHS (2000)

  • Tapes: 1
  • Audio: Japanese


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