Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie (2005)

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Ultra Star God Series
Super Fleet Sazer-X
Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
The Japanese poster for Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Super Star Fleet Sazer X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers (2005)
See alternate titles
Directed by Kazuki Omori
Written by Toshiyuki Tanabe
Music by Hiroshi Takagi, HΛL, et al.
Funded by Sazer-X Movie Project
Production company General Entertainment,
Dream Planet Japan
Distributor Toho
Rating Not Rated
Running time 70 minutesJP
(1 hour, 10 minutes)
Aspect ratio 1.78:1
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Legendary warriors gather to protect the Earth! (この地球を守るため、伝説の戦士が集結した!)

— Tagline

Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie (劇場版 超星艦隊セイザーX (エックス) 戦え!星の戦士たち,   Gekijō-ban Chōsei Kantai Seizā Ekkusu: Tatakae! Hoshi no Senshi-tachi, lit. Super Star Fleet Sazer X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers) is a 2005 tokusatsu kaiju film directed by Kazuki Omori and written by Toshiyuki Tabe, with special effects by Koichi Kawakita. Funded by the Sazer-X Movie Project—consisting of Toho, TV Tokyo, Yomiko Advertising and General Entertainment—and produced by General Entertainment and Dream Planet Japan, it is the fourth and final mainline entry in the Ultra Star God Series. It stars Ryosuke Takahashi, Gaku Shindo, Ryosuke Miura, Tatsuya Isaka, Shiori Kanzaki, and Shunya Isaka. Toho released it to Japanese theaters on December 17, 2005 as a double feature with Mushiking: The Road to the Greatest Champion.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Kazuki Omori
  • Written by   Toshiyuki Tabe
  • Executive producers   Shohei Izawa, Satoshi Yuta, Koji Kumozu, Kyoichi Mori
  • Produced by   Norio Yamakawa, Hideki Kama, Kazuya Watanabe, Akira Funada
  • Associate producer   Naohiko Noda
  • Assistant producer   Yu Otaki
  • Line producers   Koichi Komiya, Mitsuru Tanaka
  • VFX producers   Toshihiro Ogawa, Nobuaki Suzuki
  • Music by   Hiroshi Takagi
  • Stock music by   Akira Ifukube, U-Ya Asaoka, Eddy Blues, Mitsuo Nakajima, Kenji Kojima, Hiroki Takahashi
  • Theme song "New Horizon: Fight! Star Soldiers"
    • Performed by   Yuta "King Kong" Kajiwara
    • Written by   Hiroshi Yamada
    • Composed by   HΛL
    • Arranged by   Hiroshi Takaki
  • Cinematography by   Yoshinori Sekiguchi
  • Edited by   Miyoko Tominaga, Kanae Ishii
  • Production design by   Atsuo Hirai
  • Stunt coordinator   Tetsuya Matsui
  • 1st assistant director   Yutaka Kubo
  • Director of special effects   Koichi Kawakita
  • 1st assistant director of special effects   Satoshi Imai
  • CG director   Fumio Araki


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Ryosuke Takahashi   as   Takuto Ando
  • Manabu Shindo   as   Ad
  • Ryosuke Miura   as   Kane
  • Mami Matsuyama   as   Remy Freede
  • Tatsuya Isaka   as   Date Shota
  • Shiori Kanzaki   as   Yuka Sanada
  • Shunya Isaka   as   Hiraga Shinya
  • Shoichiro Akaboshi   as   Professor Ichiro Horiguchi
  • Katsumi Munakata   as   Sojiro Ando
  • Toru Minegishi   as   Jinguji
  • Hiromi Eguchi   as   Mio Tendo
  • Oribito Kasahara   as   Riki
  • Robert Baldwin   as   Gordo



Monsters and races

Weapons and vehicles


Main article: Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie/Gallery.


Main article: Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie/Soundtrack.

Alternate titles

  • Movie Version: Super Star Fleet Sazer X - Fight! Star Soldiers (literal translation)

Theatrical releases

Video releases

Toho (2006)[1]

  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese


Japanese trailer

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