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Leviathan (Warrior Mode) in The Gransazers
Leviathan (Live Mode) in The Gransazers
Subtitle(s) Ultra Star God
(超星神,   Chōseishin)
Species Ancient transforming mech
Height 16 meters (Live Mode)
52 meters (Warrior Mode)
Length 73 meters (Live Mode)
73 meters (Warrior Mode)
Weight 13,000 metric tons
Forms Live Mode, Warrior Mode
Controlled by Sazer Gorbion
Allies Dorcrus, Garuda, Guncaesar, Youhi;
Ken Riser, Ju Riser, Nin Riser, Great-LioSFSXtM
Enemies All The Gransazers kaiju,
Mammoth BoscheatSFSXtM
First appearance The Gransazers Episode 13: Attack! The Impactors
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Leviathan (リヴァイアサン,   Rivaiasan) is a mecha created by Toho that first appeared in episode 13 of the 2003 series, The Gransazers titled Attack! The Impactors.


The Gransazers

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In this form, Leviathan is meant to resemble a Whale.

Warrior Mode

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Leviathan's Warrior Mode in The Gransazers


When combining into the fused dragon robot Daisazer, Leviathan becomes the left arm & the tail.


Live Mode


Leviathan can fly.


Leviathan can fire lasers from its sides.


Leviathan can transform into its Warrior Mode.

Warrior Mode


Leviathan can fly.

Maelstrom Blades

Leviathan can summon a pair of swords that it can combine into a double-bladed staff called the Maelstrom Blades.


Alternatively, the staff could just be summoned via the command "Maelstrom".

Double Storm

The Double Storm is a slashing attack with the twin swords.

High Tide Break

Leviathan can spin the Maelstrom Blades' staff form at high speeds to slice enemies to bits in an attack called the High Tide Break. This attack can also be thrown. This is Leviathan's main finisher.

Ocean Storm

The Ocean Storm is an X-shaped slashing attack with the Maelstrom Blades.

Ocean Shield

Leviathan is also armed with an Ocean Shield that it can multiply at will.

Blast Saw

Leviathan can use Sazer Gorbion's Blast Saw.

Aqua Blitz

Although unused in the show, concept art depicts Leviathan as being able to utilize Sazer Picses's Aqua Blitz.


Although unused in the show, concept art depicts Leviathan as being able to utilize Sazer Gans's Kallinikos.


Leviathan can transform into its Live Mode.


  • Leviathan is erroneously called a "golden Godzilla" in the English dub of The Gransazers' thirteenth episode, a mistranslation of "metallic whale" which sounds similar in Japanese.


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