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Ken Riser.jpg
Juu Riser.jpg
Subtitle(s) Phantom Star Beast
(幻星獣,   Genseijū)[1][2]
Height 53 meters[1][2]
Weight 6,500 metric tons[1][2]
Width 18.9 meters[2]
Other Stats Maximum Walking Speed:
220 kilometers per hour,[2]
Maximum Flying Speed: Mach 3,[1][2]
Maximum Output: 20,000,000 horsepower[2]
Forms Flying Form,
Ken Riser, Ju Riser, Nin Riser,
Justi Kaiser
Controlled by The Justirisers
Relations Enoh, Ranga, Kouki, Ryuto
(combines with)
Allies Garuda, Dorcrus, Guncaesar, Leviathan, Great-Lio, Copies of itselfSFSXtM
Enemies all The Justirisers kaiju,
Mammoth BoscheatSFSXtM
Designed by Shinji Nishikawa[citation needed]
First appearance The Justirisers Episode 1: "Appearance! Phantom Star God Riseross"
Riseross:Ken Riser:Ju Riser:
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Riseross (ライゼロス,   Raizerosu) is a mecha that first appeared in episode 1 of the 2004 Toho tokusatsu series The Justirisers, titled "Appearance! Phantom Star God Riseross."


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The Justirisers

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Riseross can travel by land at speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour.[2] Riseross can also fly at speeds of up to Mach 3 in its Flying Form (飛行形態,   Hikō Keitai).[1][2]

Zeross Flare

Riseross can fire a 10,000 degree heat ray from its mouth called the Zeross Flare (ゼロスフレア).[1]

Zeross Cannon

Riseross is armed with Zeross Cannons (ゼロスキャノン) on either shoulder, which can fire high-temperature plasma bullets.[1]

Zeross Crusher

Riseross possesses two rotating saw weapons on its chest called the Zeross Crushers (ゼロスクラッシャー).[1]

Fire Burst

Riseross can emit Fire Burst flames from its mouth.

Smash Claw

Riseross can launch off its hands, a move called the Smash Claw.

Cloud Dash

Riseross rams into an opponent while flying, a move called the Cloud Dash.

Tail Smasher

Riseross can spin into opponents with its tail, a move called the Tail Smasher.

Ken Riser


Ken Riser is armed with a pair of swords. It can also engulf them in flames.

Brave Phoenix Sword

Ken Riser can combine its swords into one sword, called the Brave Phoenix Sword.

Mega Heat Slash

Ken Riser can use the Brave Phoenix Sword to cleave enemies in two, an attack called the Mega Heat Slash. This is Ken Riser's finisher, and was responsible for felling a majority of the Risers' enemies.

Cross Fire Burst

From both the blades, Ken Riser can launch twin crescents of flame, before releasing one giant crescent, in a move called the Cross Fire Burst.

Arm Blazer

Ken Riser can perform an Arm Blazer chopping with its hand coated in energy.

Riser Burn

Ken Riser can generate a flaming Riser Burn tornado from its shoulders.

Ju Riser


Ju Riser is extremely strong.

Riser Cannon

From the Riser Cannons on its shoulders, Ju Riser can rapidly fire energy beams.

Riser Buster

The Riser Buster is an enhanced attack from the Riser Cannon.

Thunder Burst

Ju Riser rapidly fires energy beams from all three cannons, in a move called the Thunder Burst. This is Ju Riser's finisher.

Magna Grasper

The Magna Graspers are claws derived from Riseross's leg claws.

Nin Riser

Extraordinary jumper

Nin Riser can jump far distances.

Riser Strikers

Nin Riser has twin blades called Riser Strikers on its wrists.

Typhoon Slicer

Nin Riser can launch twin cyclones from the shoulders. Any energy attack used by an enemy will result in the Typhoon Slicer getting stronger. The attack is completed by a energy slicer being launched from the wrist blades. This is Nin Riser's finisher.

Howling Burst

A move held over from Ranga, Nin Riser can launch concussive Howling Burst blasts from its mouth.

Justi Kaiser


Justi Kaiser can fire a devastating energy beam called the JustiNova from its chest as a finisher.

Glitter Horn

Justi Kaiser can shoot Glitter Horn lighting beams from the horns.

Blast Tail

Justi Kaiser can strike opponents with its tail, in an attack called the Blast Tail.

Brave Shooters

Justi Kaiser can shoot fiery Brave Shooter bolts from its shoulders.


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  • Riseross bears a noticeable resemblance to Kiryu, particularly its head and neck. This may not be coincidental, as both mechs were designed by Shinji Nishikawa, and many monsters in the Ultra Star God series were modeled after existing Toho monsters. In addition, Riseross' single eye and beak-like nose are reminiscent of Gigan.
  • Zeross Flare appears to be a homage to Godzilla's atomic breath.


This is a list of references for Riseross. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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