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Wargilgar in Zone Fighter
Subtitle(s) Destruction Terror-Beast
(破壊恐獣,   Hakai Kyōjū)[1]
Species Terror-Beast
Height 108 meters[2]
Weight 82,000 metric tons[2]
Place(s) of emergence Planet Garoga[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Allies Garogas, Spyler
Enemies Godzilla, Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 4,
"Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears"

Wargilgar (ワルギルガー,   Warugirugā) is a kaiju created by Toho who first appeared in episode 4 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter titled Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears.


Wargilgar is a long-necked, spiny creature which vaguely resembles crustaceans and insects. He has a dark green body with flaps of skin above his legs, and fronds above his arms which look somewhat like seaweed. Like Spyler, he has two-toed feet and claws for hands. His belly and neck are dark orange, and he has an orange, crescent-shaped head. Wargilgar's neck is covered in spines, and he has two orange antennae at the back of his head. His eyes are bright green and supported on stalks. He also possesses tiny warts scattered along his legs, thighs, below his neck, and shoulders.


Zone Fighter

"Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears"

One day, a strange object fell from the sky during a meteor shower. The Zone Family came to investigate, and encounter a ghost from their past. Sachio, a childhood friend of Hotaru, appears to have survived the destruction of Planet Peaceland. While returning home that night, Wargilgar first appears, and Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter to fight Wargilgar. Wargilgar at first keeps Zone at bay by firing his double barrel chest cannon, but Zone gets the upper hand and starts throwing Wargilgar around. At the last second, before Wargilgar is destroyed by Zone's Meteor Missile Might, Sachio captures the kaiju in a strange device. Eventually, Sachio is revealed as a Garoga assassin, and releases Wargilgar once more. Zone launches himself into a TV and arrives in the danger zone. Zone is badly injured from a failed trap perpetuated by the Garogas. Wargilgar at first fought Zone on his own, until another Garoga transformed into his ally, Spyler. The two dastardly monsters fought relentlessly against Zone, with Wargilgar almost killing him, until Godzilla arrived. The timely intervention of Godzilla's heat ray quickly burnt Wargilgar to a crisp.


Physical capabilities

When unleashed on Tokyo, Wargilgar stomped smaller buildings and exploded larger ones with his claws. Against Zone Fighter, Wargilgar managed to throw him into a building before grappling him and battering the hero's head with his claws over and over. He next targeted the hero's right shoulder, injuring it and forcing him to rely on his left arm. He then hit Zone Fighter with an underhand punch before baiting the hero into jumping over him, catching him, and throwing him the ground. When the hero was distracted by Spyler, Wargilgar took the opportunity to hit him in the back with his claws before hitting Zone Fighter back and forth with Spyler, then grabbing him and sending him down to the ground. Wargilgar tugged on one of Zone Fighter's arms while Spyler grabbed the other before they both threw him to the ground. When Godzilla showed up, Wargilgar continued to batter and kick the weakened Zone Fighter, only stopping when Godzilla charged at him. Wargilgar attempted to pull Godzilla off a downed Spyler before the Monster King turned his attention towards the Terror-Beast and knocked him backwards.


Wargilgar can breathe flames from his mandibles, capable of starting fires and producing explosions of various sizes on the ground beneath them. He used these flames to attack Zone Fighter who simply jumped out of the way. Wargilgar attempted to use the flames a second time only for Zone Fighter to use his Zone Barrier causing them to wash over it harmlessly. When Hotaru tried to make sure her brother was ok, Wargilgar turned his attention to her spewing flames towards her setting fire to the land around her, although she managed to get away from the flames. When laying waste to Tokyo, Wargilgar unleashed his flames upon the city causing explosions wherever they touched and clinging to the remains. After getting back up from the JSDF's assault on him, Wargilgar set loose him flames destroying numerous tanks. Wargilgar used his flames when fighting with Godzilla with it burning the kaiju with flames clinging to his legs, causing the reptilian to back off.

Buckshot Missiles

Wargilgar's mandibles contain two retractable cannons that fire missiles repeatedly. He used them to fire at Zone Fighter who dodged each shot leaving explosions at every spot they hit although the explosions from them were able to disorientate and harm the hero. These are both powerful and accurate, able to stun Zone Fighter and shoot multiple fighter jets out of the sky. The weapon is given the name Buckshot Missiles (散弾ミサイル,   Sandan Misairu) in All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume).[3]


Wargilgar shrugged off the armaments of JSDF planes and tanks, although they briefly knocked him over twice, and withstood multiple blows from Zone Fighter, including the hero slamming his neck against the ground repeatedly and cracking it in an attempt to rip the Terror-Beast's head off. He also endured being thrown to the ground multiple times by Godzilla, although he seemed disorientated when getting back up. His most impressive feats were surviving two volleys of Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Might, as well as a Meteor Kick to the neck. He was ultimately set aflame by a continuous stream of Godzilla's atomic breath, although he did endure it for a few seconds, with explosions occurring across his body before he succumbed to the flames.


According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), Wargilgar's pulsing green eyes produce radiation.[3]


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  • At 108 meters tall, Wargilgar and Mogranda are the tallest kaiju in Zone Fighter. However, Wargilgar appears to be roughly the same size as the 50-meter Godzilla when he appears alongside him.
  • Wargilgar is one of the only Zone Fighter monsters to not be defeated by the titular character, instead falling to Godzilla.
  • According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), Wargilgar was controlled by Spyler. This is supported by the episode itself, which has the disguised Garoga giving him orders turning into Spyler.[3]


This is a list of references for Wargilgar. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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