Titan (Attack on Titan)

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A Titan in the 2015 Attack on Titan film
Alternate names Giants
Species Giant Humanoids
Height 5-120 meters
Forms Human form (in some cases), Mysterious Titan, Colossal Titan, White Titan
Allies Other Titans
Enemies Humans, Mysterious Titan
Conceived of by Hajime Isayama
First appearance Latest appearance
Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1 Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2
For other use of "Titan," see Titan (disambiguation).

Titans (巨人,   Kyojin, lit. Giants) are giant man-eating kaijin created by Hajime Isayama for the manga Attack on Titan. They appear in the 2015 Toho and Nikkatsu films Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2.


Heisei era

Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1

After the Colossal Titan kicked a hole in the Outer Wall encircling humanity, multiple Titans entered through the gap and began to advance. The Garrison opened fire on the Titans with their cannons, but their effort was in vain as the monsters regenerated the damage within seconds. After decimating most of the Garrison, the Titans carried out a massacre in Monzen. Survivors of the attack retreated behind the Middle Wall.

When the new Scout Regiment set out on an expedition into Titan territory to retrieve explosives to seal the hole in the outer wall, they were swarmed by a large group of Titans. During the battle, a grief-stricken Lil wastes the explosives in a suicide attack against the monsters. The expedition suffered massive casualties, seemingly including Eren, who was eaten by one of the Titans. Moments later, however, he erupted from the Titan as the Mysterious Titan. After dispatching numerous Titans and prompting the others to retreat, he collapsed and returned to his human form.

Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2

Eren was interrogated and primed for execution by Kubal, leader of the Military Police, then abducted by an armored White Titan. He awoke in a white room, accompanied by renowned Titan-slayer Shikishima, who claimed to have saved him from the White Titan. Activating a projector in the ceiling, he explained to Eren how the Titans were born: a military experiment to either create the perfect soldier or achieve the next stage of humanity's evolution. Somehow, humans began to mutate into Titans at random, throwing the world into chaos. Consumed by paranoia, humanity waged war against both the Titans and each other, culminating in a nuclear exchange. The white room was one of many the government used to observe the populace, full of technology they had otherwise banned. Shikishima found the timing of the Titan attack two years ago suspicious, coming during a time of unrest and plans for an expedition outside the walls. The mission Kubal led was never meant to succeed, only to maintain humanity's fear of the Titans.

Eren's friends secured an unexploded bomb from Monzen and prepared to seal the wall, but Shikishima hoped to use it to breach the Middle Wall, using his insurgency's advanced weapons and a Titan invasion to spark a revolution. When they refused, he transformed into the White Titan to take the bomb by force. Eren transformed as well and seemingly killed him after a fierce battle. Still retaining his intelligence, he took the bomb to a platform above the Outer Wall's opening, but his strength faded as he reached his destination. His friend Armin set a five-minute timer on the bomb and they prepared to leave, only to be confronted by Kubal, standing on top of the Wall. He confirmed Shikishima's suspicions, claiming that humanity faces nothing but misery beyond the walls, and can't be trusted to know the truth about the Titans. Sasha cut him off with a volley of arrows to the throat and he fell, transforming into the Colossal Titan before he could hit the ground.

As Eren and his friends waged an impossible battle against the monster, the timer was damaged and the bomb failed to explode. Shikishima entered the fray as Mikasa attempted to set it off. He declared his old plan futile, believing the government would rebuild the walls faster than he could knock them down if its survival was at stake. Just before Eren could strike the Colossal Titan's nape, the monster grabbed him. Transforming into the White Titan, Shikishima intervened by shoving the bomb into the Colossal Titan's mouth, killing them both in the blast and sealing the Outer Wall. His omni-directional manuevering gear out of gas, Eren fell to his doom, but Mikasa caught him and they ascended to the top of the Wall. Before them stretched the ruins of Tokyo and the ocean.


Physical abilities

Titans generally attack humans by grabbing or swinging at them. Their appetites are limitless, and they prefer eating their foes over crushing them. While humans cannot break their grip without the aid of swords, they were easily overpowered by the Mysterious Titan and White Titan.


The Titans can rapidly heal from most injuries, including decapitation.


Titans can only be killed when their nape is severed or severely damaged. From there, their bodies rapidly disintegrate.


Titan roars


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