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Promotional image for Godziban's fourth season
Air date August 9-December 31, 2019 (season 1),
May 1-August 13, 2020 (season 2),
March 26-October 2, 2021 (season 3),
August 26, 2022 - present (season 4)
Producer(s) Keiji Ota, Taichi Ueda, Koji Azuma,
Akihiro Yamauchi, Takanori Higuchi
Distributor Toho
Channel(s) Godzilla Channel (YouTube)
Genre(s) Comedy, puppetry
Episodes 47 (seasons 1-3); 13 (specials)
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Monster Puppet Show Godziban (怪獣人形劇 ゴジばん,   Kaijū Ningyōgeki Gojiban), or simply Godziban (ゴジばん,   Gojiban), is an ongoing multi-segmented Japanese puppet web series presented by Toho and produced by Studio Koganemushi in association with AlphaBoat. It premiered on the Godzilla Channel YouTube channel on August 9, 2019. The series is the result of a Godzilla-based audition campaign held by the collaborative project GEMSTONE and carries over characters from Koganemushi's 2004 puppet show Gekigoji.

Godziban primarily chronicles the exploits of the Three Godzilla Brothers Godzilla-kun, Minilla, and Little, who live on Godzi Godzi Island alongside various other kaiju. Following the disappearance of their parents Taigo and Mirei when they were still small children, Godzilla-kun trains himself and his younger brothers to one day be true members of the Godzilla Clan. The brothers are often assisted by their friends such as Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, and the twins Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu, as well as their relatives Kamachi, Grandpa Zilla, and Uncle Zilla. Together, the residents of Godzi Godzi Island defend their home and sometimes even other locations from malevolent space monsters such as King Ghidorah, Desghidorah, and Gigan, as well as the short-tempered Xilien invader Lei Lei.

The show concluded its first season on December 31, 2019, with a special episode premiering on February 14, 2020. The second season ran from May 1, 2020, to August 13. Two more specials were broadcast at Godzilla Fest 2020 Online on November 3, 2020, with two others released to buyers of the Godziban Movie Monster Series figures on December 21. A third season premiered on March 26, 2021, and concluded on October 2, with five specials released throughout. The fourth season premiered on August 26, 2022. Two exclusive episodes and a director's cut of an existing episode will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on December 21, 2022.

The GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO YouTube channel began uploading episodes of the show with English subtitles on August 20, 2021.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Godziban episodes are divided into a number of unique segments, typically anywhere from two to four. The most prominent of these is Go! Go! Godzilla-kun[note 1] (Go!Go!ゴジラくん,   Go Go Gojira-kun), in which the Three Godzilla Brothers Godzilla-kun, Minilla, and Little and have various misadventures on their home of Godzi Godzi Island, and occasionally learn new skills befitting of their Godzilla ancestry. Attention! Godzilla (かまって!ゴジラ,   Kamatte Gojira)[note 2] debuted in the show's second episode and follows the brothers' cousin Kamachi, who appears to comfort people in times of need.

Each season 1 episode ends with an untitled entry of Grandpa Hedo (ヘドじい,   Hedojī), where a conversation occurs between the titular Grandpa Hedo and his grandson Young Hedo as they trek through a seemingly endless wasteland. In episode 6, which included all three of the aforementioned segments, a bonus second installment of Grandpa Hedo was included entitled Grandpa Hedo (Spin-Off) (ヘドじい番外,   Hedojī Bangai, lit. Grandpa Hedo Extra). A spinoff of Grandpa Hedo, entitled Grandpa Hedo's Travels (ヘドじい漫遊記,   Hedojī Manyūki), debuted in episode 10 and comprised a montage of smaller segments in which the Hedos visit an area of Japan while discussing viewer-suggested topics.

The aforementioned segments were revealed to take place in the same universe in the show's Christmas special, which featured characters from all three crossing over.

Episode 8 introduced Go! Jet Jaguar (ジェットジャガーに訊け!,   Jetto Jagā ni Kike, lit. Ask Jet Jaguar!),[note 3] consisting of 2D animation by artist Onigiri rather than live action puppetry. In this segment, Jet Jaguar is an inflatable robot created by Dr. Roborobo and a friend of Godzilla who springs into action as a guardian mecha to defend the people of Earth against Megalon. The segment also incorporated Minilla and Little from Go! Go! Godzilla-kun in its fourth episode.

Moshi Moth (もしモス) began in episode 9, following Bashu-Bashu and the twin sisters Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu from Go! Go! Godzilla-kun on their journeys through life.

In season 2 of the series, a spinoff of Go! Go! Godzilla-kun called Little and Gigan: The Dangerous Duo (リトルとガイガン あぶない2人 (ふたり),   Ritoru to Gaigan Abunai Futari) debuted, following the titular Little and Gigan. A short 2D segment called Gigan, Slice! (ガイガン斬る!,   Gaigan Kiru!) is occasionally paired with other segments, following a different Gigan patterned after the Godzilla Final Wars version. The second season concluded with two episodes of another Go! Go! Godzilla-kun spinoff, Young Serizawa (少年セリザワ,   Shōnen Serizawa).

Episodes[edit | edit source]

= Go! Go! Godzilla-kun
= Attention! Godzilla
= Go! Jet Jaguar
= Moshi Moth
= Grandpa Hedo's Travels
= Little and Gigan: The Dangerous Duo
= Gigan, Slice!
= Young Serizawa
= Hello! JJ-23
= Fanta G
= Sleeping Monsters
= Hop! Step! Radon!
Episode no. Title Air date
Overall Season Segment
Pilot N/A Godziban 2019/03/20
Season 1
1 1 1 "We Are the Three Godzilla Brothers!" 2019/08/09
2 2 1 "Parting Lovers" 2019/08/16
3 3 2 "Smack It, Godzilla Brothers!" 2019/08/23
4 4 2 "The Sad Ballerina" 2019/08/30
5 5 3 "Secret Training Dojo" 2019/09/06
6 6 4 "Secret Move: Dropkick!" 2019/09/13
3 "Office Lady Yuko's Depression"
7 7 5 "Run On, Godzilla Brothers!" 2019/09/20
8 8 6 "A Godziban Tale: The Tortoise and the Hare" 2019/09/27
1 "A World First! Robot Press Conference"
4 "Woeful Warriors"
9 9 1 "Moshu-Moshu Telephone" 2019/10/05
2 "Jet Jaguar Activates!!"
10 10 1 "Land of Fire: Aso, Kumamoto Edition" 2019/10/11
11 11 1 "A World First! Robot Press Conference" 2019/10/18
2 "Jet Jaguar Activates!!"
3 Untitled episode
12 12 7 "Fly to the Cliff!" 2019/10/25
13 13 2 "Smack It, Godzilla Brothers! English Dub" 2019/11/01
14 14 N/A "Godzilla Fest 2019 Show" 2019/11/08
15 15 4 "Red Balloon" 2019/11/15
16 16 5 "A Stubborn Father's Longest Day" 2019/11/22
17 17 8 "Son of Minilla" 2019/11/29
18 18 9 "He Came From Outer Space" 2019/12/09
19 19 10 "G vs. G / I Am Godzilla-kun!" 2019/12/13
20 20 11 "The Godzilla Who Came on Christmas Eve!" 2019/12/24
21 21 12 "Fly Towards the Future!" 2019/12/31
Special Special "Film the Dream!" 2020/02/14
Season 2
22 1 13 "Goodbye, Mommy" 2020/05/01
23 2 14 "Three Giant Monsters: The Hungriest One on Earth" 2020/05/08
24 3 1 "Gigan, Rise!" 2020/05/15
25 4 15 "Special Training: Pole Vault!" 2020/05/22
26 5 2 "Moshu-Moshu and the Door of Dreams" 2020/05/29
27 6 2 "Gigan, Troubled!" 2020/06/05
1 Untitled episode
28 7 16 "Go! Miracle Tail Shot" 2020/06/12
29 8 3 "Moshu & Moshuu ★ Dance!" 2020/06/26
30 9 3 "Gigan, Brain Freeze!" 2020/07/03
2 Untitled episode
31 10 17 "Showdown! Beach Volleyball in the South Seas" 2020/07/10
32 11 18 "Uncle Zilla" 2020/07/24
33 12 1 "A Tragic Dissonance" 2020/08/01
34 13 2 "Mystery on the Beach" 2020/08/13
Season 3
35 1 19 "Special Training: Discus!" 2021/03/26
36 2 4 "Bad Guy Blues" 2021/04/02
37 3 1 "Cool Brother JJ!" 2021/04/09
38 4 20 "Fly, Godzilla-kun!" 2021/04/16
39 5 2 "Champion of Justice, Brother JJ!" 2021/04/23
3 Untitled episode
40 6 4 "Moshu-Moshu Connected Forever" 2021/04/30
Special 1 "Sleeping Monsters: Little" 2021/05/07
41 7 3 "Prelude to a Nightmare" 2021/05/14
Special 2 "Sleeping Monsters: Minilla" 2021/05/21
42 8 4 "Grandiose Memories" 2021/05/29
Special 3 "Sleeping Monsters: Tiny Zilla" 2021/06/08
43 9 21 "Junior Zilla" 2021/06/19
Special 2 "Mysterious Forest of Yakushima Edition" 2021/07/24
44 10 1 "A Flower Blooms in the Dark" 2021/08/20
45 11 2 "Godzilla-kun Goes to the Forest" 2021/08/27
46 12 3 "A Voice that Calls for Us" 2021/09/17
Special 4 "Napping Monsters: All Monsters Attack Edition" 2021/09/24
47 13 22 "Beat Space and the Future!" 2021/10/02
Season 4
48 1 23 "Shin Father and Son" 2022/08/26
Special N/A "Blu-ray & DVD Trailer" 2022/09/02
49 2 24 "Shin Freezing Operation" 2022/09/09
50 3 25 "Shin Frozen" 2022/09/23
51 4 26 "The Return of Kingoji-kun" 2022/10/07
52 5 27 "Special Training: Weightlifting!" 2022/10/21
53 6 N/A "Who is the Hero?" 2022/11/18
54 7 N/A "Great Monster Gathering!" 2022/11/25
55 8 1 Untitled episode 2022/12/02
N/A "First Season Digest"
Non-season episodes
N/A Special "The Xilien Who Turned Red" 2020/11/03
Special "Lullaby of the Skies"
Special "Bring Them to Life! Let's Play with the Three Godzilla Brothers" 2020/12/21
TBD "The Greatest Advance of All Monsters on Earth" 2022/12/21
TBD "Mothra vs. Bagan: Prologue"
N/A "Son of Minilla" Director's Cut

Staff[edit | edit source]

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hideyuki Kobayashi; Jun Shimazaki (pilot)
  • Written by   Hideyuki Kobayashi
  • Executive producer   Keiji Ota
  • Co-executive producers   Taichi Ueda, Akihiro Yamauchi
  • Chief producer   Koji Azuma
  • Produced by   Takanori Higuchi
  • Assistant producer   Tetsuto Yamamoto
  • Music by   Hideyuki Kobayashi, Nana Morohoshi
  • Cinematography by   Koichi Inokuchi, Jun Shimazaki
  • Edited by   Hideyuki Kobayashi
  • Puppets created by   Hideyuki Kobayashi, Mile Paxton
  • Puppet operators   Hiroto Nakayama, Megumi Kawano, Emi Takita
  • Title logo(s) by   Yukihide Toyoda
  • Illustrators   Junko Kubota, Marunana, Onigiri, Shiu Yoshijima
  • "Godzidan" song and dance performed by   Luna; Marie Katsura, Rino Shimomura (episode 19); Yae, Kento, Nina (episode 20); Shoko Nakajima (season 3)

Cast[edit | edit source]

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yumiko Takahashi   as   Godzilla-kun (voice)
  • Hideyuki Kobayashi   as   Little (voice) / Young Hedo (voice) / Anguirus (voice)
  • Masamichi Komeno
  • Rino Shimomura   as   Rino, office lady
  • Masahiro Omura   as   Rino's boyfriend
  • Clair   as   Mia, ballerina
  • Marie Katsura   as   Ballet master / Marika, warrior girl / Miyoko, Tetsugoro's wife (photograph)
  • Yuko Amami   as   Yuko, office lady
  • Aiko Yuhara   as   Aira, warrior girl
  • Holly Kaneko   as   Tetsugoro Kuroiwa, widower
  • Natsumi Tezuka   as   Tetsugoro's daughter
  • Kota Iijima   as   Kenji Mizubota, bridegroom
  • Fumihiko Nemoto   as   Kenji's father
  • Junko Kubota   as   Kenji's mother
  • Megumi Kawano   as   MC of wedding (voice)
  • Angus, Luka, Norinori   as   Children awaiting Christmas presents

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Awards[edit | edit source]

A pilot for Godziban was submitted in March of 2019 to the first GEMSTONE Creators Audition, which had the theme of "Godzilla." It was awarded the grand prize of 300,000 yen, along with G vs. G, Fiction, Gifu Godzilla, DRESS, and Godzilla Trailer.[1] The prize-winning creators were thus given the opportunity to work with producers at Toho, with Godziban becoming a full series aired on the official Godzilla Channel months later.

Award Category Recipient(s) Result
GEMSTONE Creators Audition Vol.1 Godzilla Godziban Won[1]

Manga adaptation[edit | edit source]

A 4-panel comic strip-style manga adaptation of Godziban, entitled Godziman (ゴジ漫,   Gojiman), began being serialized by the Japanese anime news site Animage Plus on September 12, 2019.[2] New issues were released every Thursday.

Live performances[edit | edit source]

Live performances of Godziban were held at Godzilla Fest on November 3, 2019, featuring appearances from Godzilla-kun, Minilla, Little, Moshu-Moshu, Grandpa Hedo and Young Hedo, all voiced by their actors from the series. The Three Godzilla Brothers meet an elder Godzilla bearing the ShodaiGoji design, named Grandpa Zilla, who grows giant to face off against the mutated Dorat monster, King Ghidorah. Several displays were also set up around the venue, featuring the first appearances of the Rodan, Gezora, and Gorosaurus puppets. A "digest movie" of the event and performance was posted to the Godzilla Channel on November 8 as episode 14 of Godziban.

On November 3, 2022, another live performance was held at Godzilla Fest, featuring appearances from Godzilla-kun, Minilla, Little, Gigan (who donned a Godman costume), Gabara, Kingoji-kun, Miyarabi, and Mother Gigarian in her first appearance. The Godziban stage area also displayed and demonstrated the Bagan puppet, Kamacuras, Kumonga, the Dorats and the new Mecha Dorat. As with the 2019 show the Godzilla Channel released a recording of the performance on November 18 as episode 53 of Godziban under the title "Who is the Hero?", followed by an exploration of the booth released on November 25 as episode 54, titled "Great Monster Gathering".

Full 2019 performance
Full 2022 performance

Video releases[edit | edit source]

Toho Blu-ray/DVD (2022)[3]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Main article: Godziban/Videos.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Godziban marks the first Godzilla-related series to be produced since 1999's Godzilla TV. It is also the first ever web-exclusive Godzilla series.
  • A number of episodes of the Go! Go! Godzilla-kun segment feature references to previous Godzilla and kaiju films.
    • In episode 1, Godzilla-kun stepping on Minilla's tail to make him fire stronger smoke rings is a reference to the film Son of Godzilla, in which Godzilla stepping on Minilla's tail causes him to fire atomic breath, rather than smoke rings.
    • Anguirus communicates with Godzilla-kun through roars and speech bubbles at the request of Japanese YouTube user Uchi no Angirasu (うちのアンギラス). This is in reference to the Japanese theatrical version of Godzilla vs. Gigan, which featured Godzilla and Anguirus' dialogue being represented with speech bubbles. Anguirus' recurring line "OK!" is even taken directly from the film.
    • The "Godzilla Kick" move that Godzilla-kun teaches to Minilla and Little in episode 4 is a reference to an identical move performed by Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Megalon. This too was a fan request, by user Yoshio-kun (ヨシオくん).
    • The ending to episode 6 of Go! Go! Godzilla-kun references Gamera, with Minilla and Little, dressed as turtles, spinning around and lifting off into the air.
    • Anguirus' rolling in a ball after falling from the cliff in episode 7 is a reference to Godzilla Final Wars, in which Anguirus has the ability to tuck into a ball as a means of quicker transportation. This was requested by Takkī (タッキー).
    • Rodan's hatching in episode 8 is reminiscent of a similar scene from the character's debut film. The episode's title, "Son of Minilla," is also a reference to Son of Godzilla.
    • In episode 12, Godzilla-kun daydreams about flying through the air using his atomic breath, referencing Godzilla flying in Godzilla vs. Hedorah. The episode's final gathering of monsters against King Ghidorah is also a clear homage to Destroy All Monsters.
    • The fight choreography in episode 23 closely follows the final battle in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.
  • As with Go! Go! Godzilla-kun, fan suggestions have been taken for Grandpa Hedo beginning with episode 8, culled from responses to a Tweet by the official GEMSTONE Twitter.[4] Episode 8's premise was suggested by Yasutaka (泰貴), episode 9's by Kuroneko vs. Godzilla (黒猫vsゴジラ,   Kuroneko tai Gojira), episode 15's by Hiropon (ヒロぽん), episode 16's by Kai Hodora (ホドラ.改,   Hodora Kai), episode 17's by Kamatama (かまたま), and episode 19's by Panda Kopanda.
  • Godziban marks the first meeting between Godzilla and Desghidorah outside of video games.
  • Godziban marks the first official appearance of Bagan outside of video games.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Translated on title cards as Go!Go! Godzillakun and in subtitles for the English dub of "Smack It, Godzilla Brothers!" as Go! Go! Mr.Godzilla.
  2. Though the exclamation point is present on the segment's title card, it is sometimes absent, such as in the titles of episode uploads.
  3. While the segment's Japanese title card lacks an exclamation point, it is present in the titles and descriptions of episode uploads, as well as other sources. Additionally, the English title Go! Jet Jaguar is written in Japanese as ゆけ!ジェットジャガー (Yuke Jetto Jagā) on title cards beginning with episode 11 of Godziban, and as ゴー!ジェットジャガー (Gō Jetto Jagā) at the beginning of episode 15.

References[edit | edit source]

This is a list of references for Godziban. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]


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