"Land of Fire: Aso, Kumamoto Edition"

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"Moshu-Moshu Telephone" / "Jet Jaguar Activates!!"
"Land of Fire: Aso, Kumamoto Edition"
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"Land of Fire: Aso, Kumamoto Edition"
Title card for "Land of Fire: Aso, Kumamoto Edition"
Series Godziban (Grandpa Hedo's Travels)
Episode # 10 (overall), 1 (Grandpa Hedo's Travels)
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date October 11, 2019

"Land of Fire: Aso, Kumamoto Edition" (火の国・熊本阿蘇編,   Hinokuni Kumamoto Aso Hen) is the tenth overall episode of Godziban and the first episode of its Grandpa Hedo's Travels segment. Toho's Godzilla Channel uploaded it to YouTube on October 11, 2019, with an English-subtitled version on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO channel following on October 22, 2021.


Grandpa Hedo's Travels is formatted similarly to the Grandpa Hedo segment, with Young Hedo asking Grandpa Hedo about various user-submitted topics during their long journey. This episode features the duo visiting Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture in the region of Hinokuni.

Question 1, submitted by Ushino (@uginoa)[1]
Young Hedo: “Hey, Grandpa Hedo. Why don't powerful people act like they are?
Grandpa Hedo: “Well... Because those people never wanted to be powerful in the first place.
Young Hedo: “Don't you wanna be powerful?
Grandpa Hedo: “What's the point of sludge becoming powerful?
Young Hedo: “Okie Hedokie!
Question 2, submitted by Kemushi (@kemushingodzi16)[2]
Young Hedo: “Hey, Grandpa Hedo. What lies beyond failing but not giving up?
Grandpa Hedo: “Beyond, an even bigger failure awaits. And you will realize that the past failure was but a small one.
Young Hedo: “Okie Hedokie!
Question 3, submitted by Kid's Meal (@Viglyacfb9iQ6wg)[3]
Young Hedo: “Hey, Grandpa Hedo. What's your ideal kind of place to live?
Grandpa Hedo: “Well... I am sludge, sludge, sludge... As long as you know that, everything and everywhere in this world is wonderful.
Young Hedo: “Okie Hedokie!
Question 4, submitted by Keita Shinoyama (@huetakeshi)[4]
Young Hedo: “Hey, Grandpa Hedo. How can I approach things with a positive attitude?
Grandpa Hedo: “Young Hedo... Try walking backwards.
Young Hedo: “Okay! Hedo, hedo, hedo, hedo... [he falls] Ouch!
Grandpa Hedo: “How was it? You got overwhelmed by anxiety and fear, didn't you? Now, try walking forward.
Young Hedo: “Sludgie! Hedo, hedo, hedo, hedo... Okie Hedokie!
Gradpa Hedo: “Which one would you choose?
Gradpa Hedo: “Of course I'd ch-
Question 5, submitted by Urutora Mantaro (@MANTARO_Npro)[5]
Young Hedo: “Hey, Grandpa Hedo. Why do humans have such terrible fights with each other?
Grandpa Hedo: “Well... It's not just with each other. They even push us monsters to fight. They enjoy seeing us get hurt and bleed. That's humans for you. But to humor those humans, monsters will continue to fight. Right, everyone?
Young Hedo: “Here we go!

After Grandpa Hedo answers the last question, several monsters roar in response: Baragon, Moshu-Moshu, Anguirus, Minilla, and Godzilla-kun. Rodan screeches as well, and his shadow appears on the ground as he flies overhead.

Godzilla-kun appears in a brief scene after the Grandpa Hedo's Travels episode, expressing dismay at the viewers wanting to call him just plain Godzilla.




Full episode
Full episode (subtitled)



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