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A horde of Nezura in a production still for Giant Horde Beast Nezura
Mammoth Nezura model by Takuma Asai
Nezoorabat art by Yonesaburo Tsukiji
Alternate names Nezra, Nezurabat
Subtitle(s) Giant Horde Beast (大群獣,   Daigunjū)
Species Giant mutated rodents
Height 2 meters[1][note 1]
Weight 80 kilograms[1]
Forms Rats, Nezura, Nezoorabat,
Mammoth Nezura
Modeled by Ryosaku Takayama[2]
Planned for Giant Horde Beast Nezura
Concept history Dagora[3]NezuraGamera
First appearance Nezura 1964
Nezura:Mammoth Nezura:
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Nezura (ネズラ,   Nezura) are giant rat kaiju from the unfinished 1964 Daiei film Giant Horde Beast Nezura. A winged counterpart, called Nezoorabat (ネズーラバット,   Nezūrabatto), was also later created by Nezura's special effects director Yonesaburo Tsukiji, but ultimately went unused.[4] The 2021 film Nezura 1964, which chronicles the failure of Giant Horde Beast Nezura, depicts the live rodents playing the kaiju.


The Nezura's name is derived from nezumi (ネズミ), the Japanese word for "mouse" or "rat," combined with the suffix -ra which is commonly used in kaiju names. In the treatment for Giant Horde Beast Nezura, the mutant Nezura which grows to enormous size as a result of Nezuras artificially made to devour each other is known as the Mammoth Nezura (マンモス・ネズラ,   Manmosu Nezura).[5]


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The Nezura simply looked like sewer rats, due to their portrayal by them as well as large puppets modeled after them. In promotional art, they seem to simply be actual rats.


Giant Horde Beast Nezura was an attempt by Daiei to capitalize on the monster movie trend kicked off by Toho's Godzilla. Several still shots and promotional photos for the Nezura film were produced and released, but the film was cancelled by Kojima, the executive at Daiei, due to very bad conditions (fleas, lice, ticks, and germs) brought on by the untrained live sewer rats which they caught to shoot the movie, plus the worry caused for the neighboring town of Daiei Studios.[citation needed]

Daiei did not give up on making a kaiju film, however, and ended up creating Gamera the Giant Monster the next year.


Giant Horde Beast Nezura

At a food research institute located on one of Japan's surrounding islands south of Tokyo, scientists develop a revolutionary high-calorie food source labeled "S602." One of the scientists discovers the nutrient has terrible side effects that cause mutations in those who consume it. Plans to continue with the experiments of S602 are halted and the current supply is supposedly disposed of. An infestation of rats on the island leads to a number of disappearances. An investigation uncovers giant rats attacking and eating livestock, as well as human victims. One of the dead man-sized rats is dissected for study, and a decision is made to spray poison gas on the island to kill all the rats. Many of them escape to the sea and Tokyo is invaded by a horde of rodents, as well as an enormous mammoth-sized rat. The rats eventually cannibalize each other, thus eradicating the threat on their own.

Nezura 1964

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  1. While promotional materials for Giant Horde Beast Nezura say that the Nezura are 2 meters tall, Gamera Daimajin Kaiju Kaijin Complete Works (p. 112) says that the Nezura are 2 meters long.


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