Creature's Choice Awards

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Creature's Choice Awards
Creature's Choice Awards
Planned 1990
Written by Kevin Rafferty
Concept history Hotel Mel →
Creature's Choice Awards
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Creature's Choice Awards is an unmade Disney attraction for the Disney's Hollywood Studios park at Walt Disney World that would have starred Godzilla, developed by Imagineer Kevin Rafferty around 1990.[1]


At an awards show dedicated to the celebration of classic movie monsters, Godzilla is set to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award. However, the King of the Monsters is running late to the show. As the show's host, Eddie Frankenmurphy, and celebrity presenters such as Elvira keep the show moving and honor other monsters and aliens (the stars of Invaders from Mars being one example), Godzilla's journey from Japan to Walt Disney World is occasionally shown on the main screen, culminating in a finale where Godzilla literally brings down the house.


Shortly after the 1989 opening of what was then called Disney MGM Studios, the small theme park's popularity quickly led to expansion plans being drafted. The Creature's Choice Awards came from a desire to represent the horror genre in some fashion, with earlier proposals including a "murder mystery hotel" attraction concept developed with Mel Brooks titled "Hotel Mel". Taking cues from multimedia and animatronics extravaganzas like Epcot's The American Adventure, the show would have been a light-hearted and campy celebration of movie monsters. Disney CEO Michael Eisner and Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg were supportive of the project, with Katzenberg bringing comedian Eddie Murphy aboard to serve as the Frankenstein-inspired host, but the ambitious scope of the attraction made Disney president Frank Wells skeptical of its ability to stay within a reasonable budget. Additionally, it was felt that a thrill attraction would be a more appropriate horror attraction for the park, resulting in the project's cancellation. Rafferty would revive the horror hotel concept and develop it into The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror that opened in 1994.


  • Godzilla would later be awarded an MTV Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1996 MTV Movie & TV Awards.[2]


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