Frankenstein vs. The Human Vapor

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Frankenstein vs. The Human Vapor
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Alternate titles Frankenstein vs. the Gas Man
Planned 1963
Intended release 1963
Concept history Frankenstein vs. The Human VaporFrankenstein vs. Godzilla
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Frankenstein vs. The Human Vapor (フランケンシュタイン対ガス人間,   Furankenshutain tai Gasu Ningen, lit. Frankenstein vs. the Gas Man) is an unmade 1963 Toho film.


Mizuno, having survived his confrontation with law enforcement, desperately looks for a way to revive his love interest, Fujichiyo, following her death. Mizuno learns of a scientist named Gildor, who has stolen the body of Frankenstein's monster from a cemetery in Germany and revived it in a laboratory in Hong Kong, and seeks him out, hoping he can revive Fujichiyo.


The idea of a film featuring Frankenstein's monster was first pitched to Toho by producer John Beck in the early 1960s. The proposed film, then known as King Kong vs. Prometheus, was reworked by Toho into their 1962 hit film King Kong vs. Godzilla. However, Toho was still interested in making a Frankenstein film, and Tomoyuki Tanaka greenlit a sequel to the 1960 film The Human Vapor pitting the titular kaijin against Frankenstein's monster. Writer Shinichi Sekizawa, fresh off the successful films Mothra and King Kong vs. Godzilla, commissioned a draft of the screenplay for Frankenstein vs. The Human Vapor on February 20, 1963, while Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya were signed on to direct and handle the special effects, respectively. However, the film was ultimately scrapped. Sekizawa would go on to write a draft for the film Frankenstein vs. Godzilla, which became 1965's Frankenstein vs. Baragon.


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