Asuka Fortress

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Asuka Fortress
Fan concept art for Godzilla Legend: The Asuka Fortress
Alternate names Asuka, Asuka's Fortress, Big Boy
Species Giant Fortress
Giant robot
Enemies Godzilla
Planned for Godzilla Legend: The Asuka Fortress
Concept history Asuka FortressBagan

The Asuka Fortress (アスカ要塞,   Asuka Yōsai) is an unused kaiju from the unmade 1979 Godzilla film, Godzilla Legend: The Asuka Fortress.


The Asuka Fortress was meant to be a mountainous machine, more like a massive mobile facility than true robot, covered in robotic tentacles. Not much else is known about the Fortress' design beyond its ability to build smaller robotic servants, ranging from human-looking duplicates to the Godzilla-sized assassin mecha dubbed Titan, and that it was at one point to use a gigantic chain to entrap Godzilla during combat.[1] Concepts and elements planned for The Asuka Fortress might have been re-purposed for the forbidden island 8JO and its computer core Kyron-5 from the 1989 film Gunhed.


Godzilla Legend: The Asuka Fortress

In the year 2000, Godzilla has been successfully sedated deep within the Japan Trench by means of a special frequency. Meanwhile, the scientist Dr. Yasuto Ito has invented and constructed a new super weapon dubbed the Asuka Fortress (Big Boy in later drafts); a mountainous robotic supercomputer built to defend Japan against all threats. The Prime Minister of Japan intends to use the giant robot to enforce 'world peace' under the banner of the World Peace Unicom League, but, instead, both he and his cabinet end up becoming the Asuka Fortress' first victims when it gains independence with the goal of exterminating all life on Earth. Realizing how desperate the situation has become, a group of hackers and scientists, lead by a man named Son of Heaven, free Godzilla from his underwater prison to battle the rogue super weapon. The Asuka Fortress recognizes Godzilla as the only being capable of destroying it and constructs and sends forth several robotic minions to assassinate the King of the Monsters. Godzilla eventually makes his way to the Asuka Fortress itself but the machine proves too powerful for him to defeat until Son of Heaven and his friends infiltrate the Fortress and shut it down from the inside. With the Asuka Fortress deactivated and the human heroes out of harm's way, Godzilla obliterates the motionless mechanical behemoth.[1]

Creations of the Asuka Fortress

Throughout the numerous story drafts for the project, several lesser-sized robots created by the titular antagonist were considered:[1]

  • Light Boy: An unmanned super-helicopter sent to battle Godzilla at sea that at one point was to have killed Dr. Ito at his home.
  • Miracle Boy: A reconnaissance saucer or disc-shaped machine.
  • Robot Duplicate: An android spy made in the image of Kiichi Ono, an officer of the World Peace Unicom League, who later kidnaps Son of Heaven's love interest, Sayama (or Masaya in some drafts).
  • Salamander: A high-tech boat.
  • Titan: A huge robot constructed to battle Godzilla directly. Titan is the humanoid robot most closely associated with the story for the unmade film, and is sometimes mistaken for the Asuka Fortress itself.


This is a list of references for Asuka Fortress. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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